Alimony Attorney

Paying monies to a spouse after separation or divorce is a concept that started in the ecclesiastic law centuries ago. The concept of alimony is based on the idea that individuals who contributed to marriage in ways other than monetary still deserve to live a lifestyle they are accustomed to.

Alimony ranges from temporary to lifetime depending upon the situation. The basic factors determining whether or not spousal support should occur is enumerated in Maryland law. Issues such as disability, length of the marriage, assets, fault, and other pertinent matters help a judge decide whether or not it is appropriate.

What matters to most people in a situation where alimony is contested is that the result is fair. Many people weaponize alimony to hurt the other or merely achieve a status favorable to themselves. When you’re on the receiving end of alimony, it can still be important to you to make sure you are getting a proper amount. If you’re on the other side, it is equally important to make sure that the Court understands what you can afford. The last thing you want is a situation where you can’t keep up with your bills because you have to pay alimony.

Why Hire James Crawford Jr. and Associates in Maryland?

We understand that this particular issue can be devastating, and when you’re going from one household to two households it becomes a major issue. We have spouses figure out the appropriate amount of alimony under the specific circumstances, and guidelines are stemming from a divorce. Temporary alimony being paid while the divorce is pending can be a different animal than when it is paid after the divorce. You need someone that can help you figure out what you need to do to be successful.

We have been representing people with alimony and spousal support issues since 1993. Let us explain to you what can be achieved and what can’t. There is no need for you to be guessing as to how to go about achieving a successful alimony result.

How Do I Prepare and How do I Get My Spouse to Become Reasonable?

Most times spouses are unreasonable because they are uneducated about the specific finances or situation. It is extremely important that your attorney guide you through preparing for the judge’s ruling in a court of law. Preparation for such a hearing does not start the day before; it begins the moment you come into our office. With our help, we can make the best possible argument to the court as to why a certain amount of alimony is appropriate based on the facts presented.

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