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The Strength Of Our Team Is Behind You

We are not just your ally, but your allies. When you enlist us for your legal journey, you will have the strength and decades of experience of our entire team behind you. As a full-service law firm handling most of the legal issues that a person will face in their lifetime, we are prepared for unique situations, or when one legal area strays into another or other complexities arise, as they often do.

We pride ourselves on giving each case the care and attention necessary to reach a positive outcome. Have questions along the way? Concerns? Just want to talk something over? When you need us, we will be there.

Simplifying The Legal Journey

We recognize that this may be your first brush with the legal system. Our job as your ally is not only to protect you and guide you, but to make the process as easy for you as possible. You have family, a job, a life – we want you to focus on that while we focus on your legal issue.

To that end, we have broken the legal process down into three steps for you:

Three Easy Steps

1. Contact

You talk. We listen. We want to know what has happened so far and what your objective is. This will also be your opportunity to ask questions.

2. Speak With One Of Our Lawyers

After the initial consultation, we will work with you to design a strategy to reach your desired outcome. This strategy may be refined if and when new issues arise, but will serve as our compass as we lead you through your legal journey.

3. Let Us Help Fix Your Situation

Depending on the specifics of your situation and your desired outcome, resolution may be accomplished through negotiation or trial.
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By Attorney James E. Crawford

“you will feel like you are his “only case”

The level of trust and comfort I feel with Zack is more than I expected. I have been involved in an extremely complex and lengthy, high conflict divorce with Zack by my side the entire time. We have endured six attorneys on the other side and a plethora of misrepresentations and motions. I had no idea what I was up against or how difficult and expensive the divorce process could be when I first filed. The level of trust and comfort I feel with Zack is more than I expected. He truly cares about me and my case and has gone above and beyond what any attorney would do. I feel I have made a lifelong friend in addition to hiring an “A” game attorney. Divorce is a life changing event and you need an attorney who is sharp, experienced, ethical and involved. With Zack you will not just be “one of his cases”, you will feel like you are his “only case”.

“Continuously advocating for me “


Continuously advocating for me Zachary Groves takes my case very seriously and is continually advocating for me. He also always makes time to get back to me promptly.

“knew within 5 minutes he was the lawyer I wanted”


Thank you for a job well done! Going through any family law situation can bring challenges, ups and downs, stress, financial hardship, etc. I needed an attorney who was strong and could stand up to those challenges but also someone that was caring and understood the situation was more to me than just another court case. When I came for my initial consultation with Mr. Zachery Groves, I knew within 5 minutes of meeting him that he was the lawyer I wanted to have represent me. Mr. Groves is a very straightforward attorney and he assured me that he knew how to handle my case. With any good attorney, you as a client must still put in work so that he/she can be well prepared to argue for your case. He let me know what was required from me in advance and kept me in the loop of the next direction we needed to move. This made for a very successful case! If you are looking for a Family Law attorney, Mr. Zachery Groves is one of the best in the business. I must also mention his office staff was phenomenal with scheduling, finances and admin support. I highly recommend the James E. Crawford Law Firm. Thank you for a job well done!

“kept me up to date with case developments”


Recommend him and his staff for legal representation family matters Zack Groves has provided me with sound legal advice and has kept me up to date with case developments. I would recommend him and his staff for legal representation in family matters.

“Very happy with the fast response time”

- L.N.
We were very happy with the fast response time, attention, professionalism, and overall knowledge of Zachary Groves and his firm. I would definitely recommend him.

“Handled my divorce REALLY well”

- S.G.

I strongly recommend him and his team Mr Groves and his team handled my divorce REALLY well. They were also very prompt in keeping me apprised of the progress in my case. I strongly recommend him and his team.