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At JC Law, we listen to you; understand what you’re going through; and fight for you – so you can get back to living your life.

We provide a wide range of expert legal counsel
and support for the great people of Maryland.

Find a lawyer who takes your side.

Will my lawyer judge me for my situation?
Will my attorney respect me?
Will they take advantage of me?

We believe it’s just plain wrong to feel judged by your legal counsel. You’ll have enough of that in a court room without doubting your own lawyer’s dedication and support.

You deserve more from your legal representation than a firm that treats you like yet another legal folder: To be pulled out when it’s convenient and stacked on a pile when it’s not.










                                JAMES E CRAWFORD JR. ESQ.

The strength of our
team is behind you.

Solid Support

Sleep well at night, knowing exactly where your
case is and how we’ll represent you.

Trusted Advice

Solid advice comes from years of experience, and
knowledge of legal history. We have both.

Real Connections

We practice with the greatest discretion and sensitivity –
because we’d want our lawyer to do the same for us.

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Everybody deserves an
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Meet The Team

Jim Crawford

Founding Partner & Senior Litigator

Zachery Groves

Partner and Senior Litigator

Mark Sobel

Criminal Department Manager & Senior Litigator

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During your initial conversation, your consulting attorney will offer suggestions and advice concerning your specific situation and desired outcomes.

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Once you retain James Crawford Law, you’ll have the entire Firm team at your disposal to fight for your side of the story. Our first priority will be the success of your case.

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