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Suffering Sexual Harassment On The Job Is Not Your Fault!

If you have experienced sexual harassment at work, you may blame yourself for having been an easy target. A harasser may convince you that you “asked for it” in some way. JC Law is here to be your ally in these difficult circumstances. We will start by explaining that someone who has harassed you or a manager who has turned a blind eye to your reports of harassment has done something wrong – and illegal.

We have the knowledge needed to interpret your case and the strength to fight for you to right the wrongs by:

  • Getting the harassment to stop
  • Guiding you in how to report the harassment
  • Protecting your right to protection from retaliation when you protest the sexual harassment against you

Let our attorneys and legal staff take a load off you when you have experienced any form of sexual harassment or discrimination.

Sexual Harassment At Work In Maryland: Definitions And Remedies

According to the state of Maryland’s policy on sexual harassment in the workplace, discrimination on the basis of sex encompasses sexual harassment as one of its forms – and it is forbidden. This policy defines sexual harassment as any of the following “quid pro quo” actions used as terms or conditions of employment or the bases for decisions affecting employees at work:

  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Verbal, nonverbal or physical contact of a sexual nature

When such actions are severe or pervasive enough to alter a worker’s employment conditions, the unacceptable result is known as a hostile work environment.

In some places of employment, there is a tacit understanding among some personnel that sexual harassment is just part of the work culture and is to be expected. However, the state of Maryland explicitly rejects this notion. The state forbids sex-based offensive behavior in workplaces, “even if the behavior may be tolerated by some individuals outside of the workplace,”

Remedies for sexual harassment include procedures by which targeted workers can report it and file formal complaints. When a worker complains and is then fired or demoted as a result, they may hold the employer responsible for illegal retaliation.

We Are Your Ally With The Strength To Fight For You

Learn what to do next and how to get justice after you have experienced sexual harassment and/or retaliation for reporting it.

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