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Stay out of court and hammer out your differences with current or former family members through third-party mediation.

What Is Mediation?

In Maryland, mediation is an out-of-court process that uses a neutral third-party mediator – a sort of “legal referee” – to help two parties agree on major decisions. A mediation can happen in a single session or continue over several sessions.

For divorces, the parties involved would be you and your former spouse. The mediator can be a lawyer – such as our firm – or another professional mediator. They can help identify priorities and possible compromises.

Mediation can work out solutions for many divorce arrangements, including:

How Can Mediation Help My Divorce?

Mediations preserve relationships with your former spouse – and with any children who may be involved.

After all, kids notice tension and conflict between their parents. Resolving disagreements through mediation protects that parent-child bond by taking potential arguments into a safe, confidential space.

Mediation also streamlines divorce proceedings by avoiding a lengthy (and expensive) court trial. That way, you and your loved ones can move past this part of your life and into the next!

Is Mediation An Option For My Family?

Not every divorce needs a long, bitter fight in court. Sometimes, a divorcing couple just needs a neutral party in the room to hash out final decisions.

While divorce mediation isn’t for everyone – especially spouses leaving abusive relationships – we recommend clients consider mediation if they:

  • Want a peaceful and “fair” resolution
  • Want to maintain relationships after the divorce for family harmony
  • Can’t come to an agreement on their own
  • Would prefer to avoid a long and expensive court trial
  • Don’t want a judge to decide “for” them

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Divorce Mediation