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Defending College Students Accused Of Sex Crimes

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College And University Sexual Misconduct Board Hearings

The attorneys at JC Law are experienced in defending and representing college students who find themselves accused of sexual misconduct.

Most colleges and universities have provisions and rules regarding sexual misconduct. If you are accused by another student or professor of sexual misconduct it could result in suspension, being expelled, or being asked to leave a dorm.

The problem with these types of charges is that the individuals who “hear” the cases are usually professors or other college student/s. They usually have absolutely no experience with sexual allegations including the fact that sometimes the allegations are completely false. That is why these matters need to be handled with “kid” gloves to ensure a positive outcome.

For the last 30 years, our firm has developed a reputation for handling these matters in a diligent and successful manner.

Don’t Let This Accusation Put Your Future At Risk

Most college misconduct violations may also be criminal charges. Before you speak with the school or other law enforcement official, please consult an attorney ahead of time.

It is extremely important to understand the school’s code of conduct thoroughly so that you can be protected at the hearing.

College Sexual Misconduct Charges

When a college student is charged with a violation of the student code of conduct, many times it is accompanied by other criminal charges that will be handled in state court. The real issue is whether the sexual charge will also be tried in the district or circuit court. State sexual charges carry many different criminal ramifications than the college university misconduct allegations. Such as the sex registry.

The two potential areas must be managed successfully together to ensure a proper outcome.

Many of these charges include indecent exposure, rape, inappropriate touching, fourth-degree sex offense, or other sexual behaviors.

“The accusations were outlandish, false, and slandered both my character and my name. I was in need to find strong legal representation that would see through the fabricated story. [My attorney Aaron] Goodwin’s priority was to understand who I am as a person before putting together any type of defense strategy. The result was a favorable decision on my behalf. I am confident that without the firm’s representation, the outcome would have been different.”

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College Sexual Misconduct Accusations

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