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Just because you have been arrested or charged with a crime involving sexual assault doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Many people get charged with all types of crimes, at the Baltimore, Maryland office of The Law Office of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC, it’s our job to defend them when they face the authority of the states.

What Is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault includes more than rape. It can be any sexual act forced upon a person who did not give his or her consent. In Maryland, “sexual acts” include most forms of sex, with the possibility of years behind bars even with third-degree charges.

What Are Some Types Of Sexual Assault Charges In Maryland?

There are many different types of sexual assault cases. These include:

  • Rape. Rape is generally defined as vaginal intercourse by the threat of force and without consent. It usually gives rise to the most serious punishment if convicted of the charge.
  • Oral sex. These are classified as “sexual offense” cases and include all types of oral sex. The seriousness of the offense rises in proportion to any threat of force, the presence of a weapon, the absence of consent and the age of the participants.
  • Statutory rape. A statutory rape charge hinges on the age of the participants. In Maryland, for example, a 19-year-old boyfriend could be charged with statutory rape for having sex with his 15-year-old girlfriend.
  • Person in a position of authority. A fourth-degree misdemeanor charge, this is where a teacher or coach, for instance, who “exercises supervision” over a minor and has sex with that minor.

No matter what kind of charges you are facing, do not settle for taking a plea deal or defending yourself without our help. We can act on your behalf to pursue the ideal outcome in your case to provide you with the results you deserve.

Do You Need A Lawyer If You Have Not Been Formally Charged?

Even without charges, there is a lot a lawyer can do to protect you in these situations. They can help you avoid making critical mistakes during pre-charge questioning and investigations, which can save you a lot of complications in the long run. Additionally, a lawyer can also use the extra time you give them to develop an even stronger defense against potential allegations against you.

How Common Are False Allegations Of Sexual Assault?

Estimates of how many allegations of sexual assault are false can be as high as 10%. The reality is that false allegations are still far too common and can destroy a person’s life even when proven false years later. We do everything in our power to overcome the allegations made against you.

We are able to build our strongest possible defense by taking the time to closely review all of the details surrounding your unique case, compiling any relevant evidence that can support your innocence and probe the prosecution from all possible angles to find the best angle of attacking their position.

A Skilled And Driven Defense

If you are facing criminal charges for sexual assault, do not take the risk of defending yourself without an attorney at your side. Call our office at (888) JCLAW-10 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation. The sooner you reach out to us, the better, so do not wait another day to start building the defense you deserve.

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