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Uncontested Divorce

Your divorce is only as difficult as you and your spouse choose to make it. At the same time, your divorce is only as difficult as your lawyer chooses to make it.

In many divorce cases, a Maryland uncontested divorce lawyer is just who you need to help you get on with your life with a minimum of time, stress and money. Because at the end of the day, you need a family law attorney who won’t exacerbate your problems just to earn fees.

Your Maryland Divorce Lawyer

An uncontested divorce is a no-fighting divorce. That is not to say that disagreements do not happen or that they will not occur as the case proceeds. But when it comes to an uncontested divorce, you’re choosing not to fight over your property, your debt, or your children.

We have been in practice since 1992. We have handled thousands of cases in nearly every courthouse in Maryland. If you are looking for a Maryland uncontested divorce lawyer, here you will find ethical and dedicated legal representation in all divorce and family law matters.

“My ex-wife filed for a custody modification. The day of the trial, [my attorney] knew the LAW and we won our trial.”

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Uncontested Divorce