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Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers For Deadly Weapons At School Charges

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Does a child really deserve three years in jail for showing off a hunting knife on the bus? Maryland law doesn’t automatically account for nuance like this in cases concerning weapons on school property.

That’s why [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] is committed to defending every client – especially our youngest ones – against charges which can quickly snowball into a bigger issue than it has to be.

How Can My Child Be Charged With Bringing A Weapon Onto School Property In Maryland?

Maryland law prohibits “firearms, knives, or any other deadly weapons” by anyone but law enforcement or previously authorized personnel.

This law certainly prohibits students from coming onto campus with a gun, knife, and other weapon.

According to Maryland law, “school property” might be:

  • The physical school campus and classrooms
  • School-sanctioned events
  • School buses and other transportation

What Counts As A “Weapon” At Maryland Schools?

The statutes against weapon possession on Maryland school property specify not only firearms, but also more generally prohibit “deadly weapons.”

According to previous Maryland cases and judgements, deadly or “dangerous” weapons can include but are not limited to:

  • Pepper mace or tear gas
  • Lethal knives, including bowie knives, star knives, and switchblades
  • Nunchakus
  • Brass knuckles
  • Razors

Other items can count as weapons, too. Students have been filmed assaulting teachers with a pen, pencil, and even keys.

That means that a prosecutor might charge a minor with aggravated assault and weapon possession on school grounds, depending on how an incident plays out.

What Possible Penalties Will My Child Face For Bringing A Weapon To School?

If a student – or an adult! – is convicted of possessing a weapon on school property in Maryland, the punishment is a misdemeanor conviction with up to three years in prison and a possible fine of up to $1,000.

(Note: Adults cannot bring guns or other weapons onto school property in Maryland, even if they have a valid concealed weapons permit.)

How Can A Defense Lawyer Help My Child When Charged With Bringing A Weapon Onto School Property?

Maryland prosecutors might want to make an example of your child’s case and “throw the book” at them with any charge they think might stick – and go for the maximum penalties possible.

But should a kid who brought in their mom’s pocketknife to show their friends on the bus pay a $1,000 fine?

Should a student who was feeling bullied and in fear of their life at school – and so brought a weapon to protect themselves – really go to jail for three years?

It’s the situational nuances like these that a great criminal defense team can bring to bear on juvenile charges and cases.

Your defense team can petition to have your child’s case adjudicated in Maryland’s juvenile courts – not tried as an adult in criminal court. They can show the mitigating circumstances and the shades of grey in a situation that prosecutors would otherwise have a judge believe is strictly a black-and-white case of infringement-punishment.

Defend your child’s right to a just trial and work for a merciful sentence with the best juvenile defense firm you can possibly find.

“Jim [Crawford] and his staff are diligent and have a winning atmosphere. They have compassion for their clients. He cares about the individual and truly wants to help them in the court room and in life. These guys are the real deal.” 

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