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Understanding The Process Of Maryland Divorce

A divorce can take anywhere from a handful of months to years. But on average, it takes about a year or a year and a half from beginning to end. The divorce process in Maryland is generally the same from case to case – what’s different in every case is how well equipped the client is in handling it.

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The lawyer you choose can make a big difference in helping you get through the divorce process with a minimum amount of stress and difficulty. As lawyers, we have been representing people in Maryland since 1992. Even though the divorce process is the same in every case, we know that every client’s situation and needs are different.

The Process Of Getting Divorced

If you are separated and/or heading towards a divorce, it helps to have a basic understanding of the process.

  • Acceptance sooner later, both spouses must come to terms with the fact of divorce. The longer this takes, the longer the entire divorce process will take. Reconciliation should always be an option, but if one spouse firmly wants a divorce, acceptance is a sure path to reducing conflict.
  • Record Gathering. After acceptance takes place, you will want to begin gathering records and paperwork, including tax returns, bank account statements, and real estate. A complete picture of your (and your spouse’s) financial situation is necessary to resolve your divorce.
  • Settlement or Trial. The length of time (and amount of conflict) varies significantly here. By this time, the work of acceptance and record gathering is largely done, as well as advocating your position on child custody. Many cases are settled in divorce mediation, while others are only finished after trial, and the judge issues a divorce decree.

“My ex-wife filed for a custody modification. The day of the trial, [my attorney] knew the LAW and we won our trial.”

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Process of Divorce