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Domestic Violence Assault Charges Ruin Reputations. Defend Your Future.

The personal nature of a domestic violence assault charge enflames the anger, confusion, and pain so many defendants feel. You don’t need to deal with the legal system on top of everything else.

Let JC Law help you keep your job, your reputation, and your life as you know it by defending your rights and your side of the story, in and out of court.

Domestic violence – committing or threatening to commit violence against a family or household member – is generally considered assault under Maryland law.

Possible assault charges for domestic violence accusations include:

  • Second-degree assault, whenever a victim feels they were unsafe or were hurt due to the accused’s actions
  • First-degree assault, if a weapon was involved in the threat or physical injury

That said, Maryland’s protective order laws define domestic violence as “assault, rape, stalking, and other such offenses” to a family or household member. That’s how domestic violence charges can lead to a protective order against the accused.

Can Everyone Find Out If You Are Accused Of Domestic Violence?

In Maryland: Yes, anyone can find out if you’ve been accused of domestic violence.

If your accuser files for a protective order against you, then the public can search the court’s filed cases and find your information – including your name, your address, and the charges against you.

You have a constitutional right to be judged in a fair court of law of your guilt or innocence, but the court of public opinion can flay your reputation.

However, you are allowed to request that a case be removed from general public searches if you meet certain requirements after the case or protective order is over.

In general, you can get a domestic violence-related protective or peace order “shielded” (hidden from public view and search) in the following situations:

If your case was denied to the accuser or otherwise dismissed and: 

  • You’re not guilty of a crime
  • There’s no pending or active order against you and the accuser
  • There are no pending criminal charges against you from the same accuser

Or, if the order that everyone agreed to has expired and:

  • The requestor of the order is okay with the “shielding” of the order from public search
  • You didn’t ever violate the order while it was active
  • You’re not guilty of any crime against the requestor
  • There are no more pending or active orders against you
  • You have no other pending criminal charges at all

What Happens After A Maryland Domestic Violence Conviction?

Sentences for a domestic violence-related assault charge are the same as for other assault convictions at the same degree.

  • Convictions for second-degree assault can get up to 10 years in prison.
  • Convictions for first degree assault goes up to 25 years.

The court will look at injuries, hospital stays, medical treatments, and any disabilities to determine the type of sentencing the accused will face.

Other related charges contain even more severe sentences, depending on the situation surrounding the conviction:

However, Maryland courts and judges seriously dislike those convicted of domestic violence-related charges. Expect the sentence to veer heavily toward the upper end of the sentencing maximums if convicted of violence against a family or household member.

Those who suffer a domestic violence conviction can also face:

  • Deportation for immigrants
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Loss of reputation

How Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Fight Domestic Violence Charges?

Domestic violence assault charges are a particularly nasty accusation to hurl. Such charges can be incredibly personal, since the opposing party in this case lives in your household.

And while you’re dealing with the personal and emotional ramifications of the charge – not to mention your reputation and potential job loss – there’s often not one but two separate legal proceedings due to the single incident.

The first would be a criminal assault charge pressed by Maryland state prosecutors. You need a top-notch criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are defended in and out of court, as well as a just and fair sentence that only heeds one side of the story.

The second revolves around potential protective orders filed by your accuser. Protective orders can severely limit your movements, interfere with your personal life, and even wreck professional prospects as you try to rebuild your life.

You deserve the best criminal defense team in Maryland to fight for your side of the story. That’s why you should retain JC Law as your legal champion to defend against domestic violence charges.

“We were very pleased by our experience. They were by our side step-by-step, explaining everything clearly so we were able to make informed decisions. Mr. Crawford helped us to deal with the court system, and we were very satisfied!”

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