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The New Laws for Maryland Divorce Webinar

Join JC Law Domestic Director, Abigail Beichler, Esq. as she explains the sweeping changes to Maryland divorce law that went into effect October 1st, 2023. We’ll explore the new laws, discuss how they differ from previous rules and guidelines, and review all of the major options available when filing for a divorce in Maryland. Don’t miss this chance to learn everything you need to know about the new landscape of divorce in the state, straight from one of JC Law’s brightest legal minds! If you or a loved one are thinking about getting a divorce in Maryland, start off on the right foot by filling out the form below for our FREE webinar!

The Burden of Proof: A JC Law Podcast

The Business of Law Podcast is now The Burden of Proof: A JC Law Podcast. Along with the name change, comes better sound quality, a new host, and more guests. It will be more conversational, and tackle various legal issues regarding family & criminal law, mixing in some pop culture, and an inside look into the inner workings of the firm. We are excited for this next chapter and look forward to bringing you a new episode of the podcast every week!

The Burden of Proof: a JC Law Podcast is available on our Youtube Channel. Like and subscribe to our channel to get the episodes right as they are released.

Podcast Features

The Lawyer Millionaire Podcast

Rethinking the Business of Law: Unveiling the Secrets to Law Firm Success with James Crawford

In this episode, James Crawford, our guest, dives headfirst into the perennial challenge of running a law firm while shedding light on the positive and negative aspects of the old partnership model. James challenges the conventional notions by advocating for a results-driven approach that merges the worlds of law and business seamlessly. From sales techniques to system creation, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for law firm owners aiming to scale their practice. Episode available wherever you listen to podcasts. Listen to the full episode here.

LAWsome Podcast by Consultwebs: How To Scale Up Your Law Practice

James E. Crawford Jr. recently joined Tanner Jones the host of the LAWsome podcast presented by Consultwebs to discuss how to scale up your law practice. They dive into everything from what you should ask yourself before considering expansion, to marketing and branding, and the business of running a firm. If you’re looking for exclusive business insights on how to scale your business into other markets then give this a listen!

Business Ninjas Podcast by WriteForMe: How JC Law is perfecting the art of practicing law

Our CEO and Founder, James E. Crawford Jr. recently joined the Business Ninjas Podcast. They talk about how JC Law is perfecting the art of practicing law. Over the past three decades, JC Law has had the honor of standing up for thousands of people facing legal challenges ranging from family law to criminal law to personal injury and more. As serious trial lawyers, you can be certain that the associates at JC Law have the knowledge to negotiate resolutions and the strength to go to battle for you in the courtroom. Check out the full episode here.

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