JC Law Monthly Matters for November 2020: Firm News & Updates

Welcome to November, the thankful season -- and JC Law has a lot to be thankful for.

From an expanded team of excellent talent, to great wins for our clients in court, the whole JC Law team looks forward to the new year as we attack it with gusto on behalf of our clients.

To keep you in the loop, here's a few exceptional wins JC Law attorneys are especially proud of from last month.

JC Law Domestic Department Matters

Congratulations to Florian Tabaku, Supervising Attorney, who won custody for his client. They now have 50/50 access to their son!

Congratulations to Connie Almond, Executive Assistant & Paralegal, who ensured that our client's medical records would remain private despite the opposing counsel's error in not marking them confidential. If she had not moved quickly, then they may have been public record and subject to search.

Congratulations to Abigail Beichler, Associate Attorney, who won a litigious custody matter and got her client unsupervised visits with their daughter.

JC Law Criminal Department Matters

Congratulations to both Mark Sobel, Criminal Department Manager & Senior Litigator, and April Jones, Paralegal, for an exceptional job handling a time-sensitive criminal case matter

A distraught mother approached JC Law to help get her son out of jail, where he was being held. The Firm was retained at 12:10 PM, and the Criminal Department sprung into action. By 4:41 PM that same day, we had drafted and filed a motion for bail review with the relevant court. The judge then ordered the client's release from jail without a hearing.

All of this took place within five hours of the Firm's initial retainer!

Public Reviews of JC Law

Here are some of the reviews JC Law is especially proud of that were submitted last month.


We were very pleased by our experience. They were by our side step by step, explaining everything clearly so we were able to make informed decisions. Mr. [Jim] Crawford helped us to deal with the court system, and we were very satisfied! He gave us good advice and helped us understand our options.



Florian [Tabaku] did an excellent job representing my daughter in her Child Custody case. He is very knowledgeable in Law and explained her rights and give her good advise on her situation. Thank you Florian.


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(Please note: Not all client "wins" will be shared out of privacy concerns, and details may be modified or obscured. We complete dozens of cases every month in a variety of matters from family and criminal to civil and beyond; this is just a sample of our accomplishments. Also remember that these results may not be possible in your own case, but the only way to know for sure is to ask us about it!)