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Jim Crawford is the founding and managing partner of James E. Crawford Jr. & Associates, LLC. (Trading as JC Law), with Thirty years of trial experience in federal and state courts throughout Maryland and beyond. Mr. Crawford is recognized as one of the ablest and tenacious trial lawyers in Maryland. He has enjoyed an extraordinary record of success. His primary areas of practice include all types of serious criminal and civil law, as well as high-profile litigation. Jim Crawford has been toiling the criminal courts for 30 years!

For over three decades,  Jim has represented thousands of clients in courts throughout Maryland. He is truly an established trial lawyer. He has been in a Maryland courtroom just about every day of his working career and has handled thousands of cases in District Court, Circuit Court, U.S. District Court, and in many Administrative Agencies. The attorneys at James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates, LLC,  have also successfully tried cases in just about every state and federal courtroom in Maryland. 

His father, James E Crawford Sr. began practicing law in 1960 in Baltimore City, where he handled many of the same types of cases as Jim. He worked for decades with Peter Angelos on many serious and noteworthy cases. He was very involved in Maryland’s political landscape until his death in 2008.

Building on Jim Sr's success, Jim established this firm in 1992 and has trained each of his experienced attorneys to work aggressively on their client’s behalf. In essence, because of Jim Sr's work, this law firm has the knowledge, creativity, and skills developed over 61 years of practicing law. 

Jim is highly regarded by his clients, peers, and the judiciary. It is, without doubt, undisputed that to obtain a successful result you need a zealous and relentless trial lawyer.  That's Jim. He has also put his fingerprints on the firm as to how each lawyer represents their clients. 

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JC Law is radically truthful, constantly transparent, and deeply committed to our Mission to serve Marylanders throughout the legal system, however and whenever they need us.



JC Law champions its clients in the Maryland legal system, fighting for their opportunity for justice and pursuit of happiness enshrined in the United States Constitution.

JC Law wins, because our clients need us to.

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Core Values

JC Law exists to serve our Maryland clients. They are not an inconvenience, but the reason behind everything we do. Our clients deserve expert, passionate representation and that what they'll get from every member of our Firm.

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Jim's Professional Background and History

Firm Founder- Established 1992

After law school, Mr. Crawford immediately went into private practice in 1992 by opening a law office in Baltimore. At the time he was a young general practitioner who handled many different types of cases with a focus on criminal law. Gradually, over the years he established himself as a premier practitioner in the State of Maryland. In order to accomplish his mission of practicing law on an extremely high level, he realized that he must offer the type of services to the community that he would want if he needed legal representation himself. He gradually expanded the firm into the full-service law firm that exists today. Presently JC Law is viewed as a “go-to” firm for many Marylanders and businesses. With over fourteen lawyers and thirty-five support staff, JC Law is well equipped to take on any issue presented.

One of Mr. Crawford's passions has always been politics. He comes from a family that believed service to the community and being involved in political life was a fundamental requirement as a productive member of society. Mr. Crawford's political career ranges from being noted as one of the youngest elected officials in the State's history to handling and running many state, local and judicial campaigns. Since entering private practice Mr. Crawford has handled many notable cases that appeared in the media. The type of clients he represents ranges from ordinary citizens to police officers, professional athletes, lawyers, doctors, politicians, and other persons of notoriety.

Our History & Success

I am an experienced litigation lawyer. My office handles very serious as well as less consequential matters. We have a combined many years of experience representing individuals throughout the state of Maryland who need our help.  The experience we bring to the table is your key to a successful resolution of your case. I have been in just about every courtroom in the State of Maryland including State and Federal Courts. My trial experience and knowledge are something I have accumulated over many years of tiling the fields of law.

My office staff has dedicated itself to perfecting the handling of legal matters and receiving superior results. I have personally handled thousands of cases in my career and take great pride in applying my trade-in to get the results you need. Practicing law is not just an art—it is also about personality. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police, and Defendants all have a variable that includes the “human element” , which is inherent in any legal issue.  The key to handling "matters"  for clients is knowing how to approach the case not just regarding the “law” but also the opposing parties' weakest point of the chain.  Many times we can break that chain and conclude the case. 

At the Law Offices of James E Crawford Jr., our history and results speak for themselves. Please take a look at our “case results” tabs to get an understanding of our success. My office uses the latest technology, investigators, and other services to gather factual and legal-based research evidence and information to get an “edge” on our opponents. I have found that it is imperative to move into action immediately when necessary. I’m very proud that I am looked upon as a premier attorney and receive many referrals from throughout the State of Maryland as well as throughout the Country.

Meet Your Legal Team

Decades Of Maryland Legal Experience 


JC Law was founded by James E. Crawford, Jr. – Jim – back in 1992 to protect Maryland's most vulnerable against a "difficult to navigate"  legal system while helping them get their lives back.  As our clients' legal needs have grown, the Firm has grown with them to provide the same level of legal expertise and guidance in every aspect of Maryland law.

Our Firm's team of family, criminal, and business lawyers understand that each case presents unique challenges and must be met with equally unique approaches. Therefore, JC Law commits to providing its clients with:

  • An overall professional and positive experience;
  • Respect and compassion during often difficult times;
  • Experienced attorneys with a deep understanding of the judicial system and every aspect of Maryland law; and
  • Zealous legal representation to champion the client’s best interests in every situation

    A Pledge from Jim Crawford:

    When I started practicing law I believed it was an absolute privilege to help people in their time of need. I still believe that with all my heart. I require all the lawyers who work in this firm to buy into one basic belief. That belief is, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU GET THROUGH YOUR TIME OF NEED. My pledge is a simple as that. We will do everything in our power to represent you in an ethical, forceful, and proper manner. If you ever need to discuss any issue with me my door is always open and I will listen to your concerns.

    -James E Crawford Jr.

What Our Clients Say

"James Crawford is very professional and he is an excellent lawyer. He is very caring and knowledgeable I would recommend him to everyone in need of a lawyer. He helped me out and is continuing to work with me to get my problems taken care of . Thank you James."

"We were very happy with the fast response time, attention, professionalism, and overall knowledge of Zachary Groves and his firm. I would definitely recommend him."

"Prompt, professional and helpful. Above all they acted in a manner respecting my wishes through the whole process."

"I had a great experience from start to finish, very friendly staff from front desk, to my lawyer Mark Sobel. I would recommend using them without question!!"

"A place for veterans and compassion. I contacted The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates after having a Peace Order filed against me. The accusations were outlandish, false, and slandered both my character and my name. I was in need to find strong legal representation that would see through the fabricated story. Mr. Aaron Goodwin was assigned as the primary legal counsel in my defense. Mr. Goodwin's priority was to understand who I am as a person before putting together any type of defense strategy. Over the next few days Mr. Goodwin and his team had a sound strategy backed by solid preparation. The result was a favorable decision on my behalf. I am confident without firm’s representation the outcome would have been different."

"I am currently being represented by Mrs. A. Biechler and am completely blown away by her professionalism, compassion and client care. She does not procrastinate and is extremely knowledgeable and performance oriented. In addition to all this she is also very personable and caring and shows genuine concern about the client. Wouldn't want to divorce again but if I had to or was asked for a recommendation it would be Mrs. Biechler all the way. Anything less and you're cheating yourself. There arent enough categories to rate her here. More over, she is a credit to this law office."

"I can not thank Mr.Crawford and his staff enough for their support and dedication to my case. I am forever grateful. I thought it was all down hill and had no hope for my case Mr.Crawford told me it’s going to be fine and we are going to get through this and that’s what we did. He won my case and got it dismissed and through it all his staff supported me mentally and showed that they truly care not just about the case but me. "

"Sara McCabe, Aaron Goodwin, and the rest of the staff were fantastic. Absolute professionals, making it easy and smooth to get divorced which is always a sticky situation. I'm truly grateful I stumbled into their office!"

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