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If you and your partner are considering permanent separation, then your first question should be, “Do I need a divorce lawyer?”

The simple answer is, yes – more than likely, you will need a divorce lawyer.

After all, retaining a lawyer doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re simply setting yourself and your family up for success in every way possible.

  • Lawyers have done this a time or two (been there, bought that t-shirt), chances are it’s a first for you
  • Lawyers fight for YOU, using their knowledge of the divorce process to get you the best outcome.
  • If you’re worried about the safety of yourself and your children, then a lawyer can help protect your family from physical, emotional, or financial damage!

Like Riding A Bike, Lawyers Know, They’ve Done It a Million Times

Many, many couples do need a lawyer. But, what does a lawyer do that you couldn’t?

Look, you wouldn’t expect someone who’s never seen a bike be able to hop on without falling over.

Sure, you could explain to them what the handlebars and peddles do, how to steer and stop.

But, it’s only in that moment when you let go that they understand what you meant by “balancing” – right before they crash into a curb.

By the same token, you shouldn’t expect yourself to know every detail, procedure, and local quirks the instant you step into a divorce trial. And, there’s more at stake here than just a skinned knee. Messing up your divorce proceedings could mean unnecessary sacrifices to your income, children, and future.

That’s why you need a divorce lawyer. You need someone who already understands what they’re doing, because you only have one shot to ride the two-wheeler to the corner store and not crash. After all, they’ve already “been divorced” hundreds – thousands – of times before.

By hiring a divorce lawyer, you can:

  • Better negotiate with your ex’s lawyers so you don’t have to go to trial at all!
  • Avoid sorting through and filing hundreds of pages of documents to find that one conversation that proves your point.
  • Keep money and other property you’ve earned during the marriage.
  • Know where your child lays their head at night, while negotiating visitation and support in your – and your kid’s – favor.
  • Stay safe via a temporary protective order from your ex. Lawyers can make stuff happen, fast, when their clients and their families are in danger.

Divorce Lawyers Argue Your Case for You

The end of a marriage is an emotional time for everyone involved, which makes presenting logical – not emotional – arguments extremely difficult.

And, your ex’s legal team may take advantage of that fact.

During the divorce trial, your ex’s lawyers will probably make hurtful claims against you. They want to get the best deal for their client, your ex, after all. So, they will try to convince the judge that you need to pay up or give up custody of the kids.

But, if you have a lawyer, then you have an ally: A defender who will champion your cause on your behalf, and make sure the judge knows both sides of the story. (Is that a little dramatic? Probably. But we believe it.)

Also, experienced divorce lawyers have seen just about every type of case imaginable. What’s a big deal for you might actually be a tiny matter for them.

That experience is invaluable in your quest for an absolute divorce. Your lawyer will know when to fight and when to make a settlement. Even before trial begins, your will explain all of your options and help you avoid severe setbacks. From the moment you retain a divorce lawyer, they will fight to get the best outcome for you and your family.

When You Absolutely Must Have a Divorce Lawyer: Protect Yourself and Your Children

There are dire situations where you should not represent yourself. If:

– If you suspect any of these items are true, then immediately move you and your children to a safe location and contact a lawyer immediately. They can file for an emergency protective order and help you avoid a kidnapping accusation. (Yes, your ex can accuse you of abducting the children.)

Don’t let possible expense deter you from getting the legal representation your family needs to ensure their safety and a healthy, happy future. Depending on the circumstances, a judge may order your ex to reimburse legal and court fees, if they’re found guilty of causing the marriage’s end or of other misbehavior.

So, finances should not come into play when your or your children’s physical, emotional, or financial safety is at risk.

What Divorce Lawyers Can Do for You

The bottom line is that hiring a lawyer who is expert in divorce cases in your state will give you a significant advantage of just representing yourself.

If you’re still on the fence, most lawyers offer a free initial consultation to assess your situation and help you decide whether you actually need a lawyer. After all, you shouldn’t hire a lawyer just to “have” one. You need to hire someone you can trust and depend on – who you know has your and your children’s best interest at heart.

After all, the outcome of a divorce impacts more people than just you. You have a responsibility to yourself and your family to hire the lawyer who will stay by your side to the very end.

Let us know if we can help your family in any way.