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Divorce & Pornography

Welcome to episode 4 of “The Business of Law,” JC Law’s ongoing podcast hosted by our CEO and Founding Partner, Mr. James E. Crawford, Jr.! Logo for The Business of Law: A JC Law Podcast

On our latest installment, we’re pleased to welcome JC Law’s own Vice President of Operations, Mrs. Elise Crawford-Gallagher, for a discussion on current marital trends in American society and what factors may be playing a role in an increased number of divorces and failed marriages.

Jim and Elise begin by discussing the modern attitude towards divorce in America, and how a decrease in marriages and family stability could impact society at large. Next our two hosts share their own personal takes on the respective roles of each spouse in a marriage, and how the struggles that may arise when trying to balance individual growth with marital success.

Finally, Jim delves into a topic many consider taboo, that of pornography use. Namely, how an increase in porn viewing could (and often does) lead to marital tension, and in some unfortunate cases can even contribute to a divorce.

For a nuanced exploration of divorce and the contributing factors that don’t get talked about enough, tune into this month’s episode of “The Business of Law,” and don’t forget to subscribe to JC Law’s official YouTube channel for more!