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Welcome to episode 3 of JC Law’s ongoing podcast, “The Business of Law!” In this month’s episode, our host and founding partner, Jim Crawford, begins by sharing some thoughts on the ongoing Russell Brand saga, and the real-life implications behind public accusations of sexual assault and other crimes.

Next, Jim gets into the heart of the episode, exploring his thought process behind “the client experience” at JC Law. He goes over everything from “client touches” to tackling finances with a client, and provides some insightful takes on how to satisfy your customers, whether at a law firm or in business in general.

Last, but certainly not least, we pivot to a conversation between Jim and JC Law’s new Chief Human Resources Officer, John Van Meter. They start off by sharing some of John’s background and previous experience in HR, before diving into the specifics of John’s approach, and what he plans on accomplishing in his executive role at JC Law.

With a little bit of everything on offer, this episode is one you won’t want to miss! Check out the episode below and subscribe to our channel for more episodes!