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If you’ve kept up with pop culture headlines or taken a trip to the movies over the past month, you’ve probably heard of The Sound of Freedom, the new action film loosely based on the true story of a Federal Agent’s efforts to combat child sex trafficking. Despite a general lack of mainstream media coverage in the lead up to its release, The Sound of Freedom has already earned over $150 million dollars in ticket sales in July alone, making it one of the highest-grossing films of 2023.

It’s clear that the film’s coverage of sex trafficking has struck a chord with viewers, and the discourse around child sex abuse has increased considerably as a result. This, of course, is a good thing, and any time a piece of pop culture or work of art can lead to serious discussions about important (and often overlooked) issues, we should pay attention. Child sex abuse (whether full-blown child-trafficking as depicted in The Sound of Freedom or otherwise) is one such overlooked phenomenon, and the pursuit of justice for victims is an incredibly important, serious topic that deserves to be discussed.

The Big Screen vs. Reality

While the increased spotlight on child sex abuse is a good thing, events that take place on the big screen very rarely reflect the nuances and complexities of the real world. Many times, this is done for the sake of a compelling, straight-forward story, but when the screens turn off and it gets time to discuss reality, it’s extremely important to take all the context of a situation or issue into account. Sex offenses are no different.

To be clear, child sex abuse and sex trafficking are very real, very serious crimes, and ones that occur far more than many people may think based off things like media coverage and cultural discourse. In JC Law’s 30+ years of practice, we’ve unfortunately seen many cases where the alleged crime did occur and the victims suffered serious physical and emotional harm, just like you would see of the victims in The Sound of Freedom. However, not every allegation of a serious crime is as cut-and-dry as the plot of a summer blockbuster, and not every accused person is an over-the-top, clearly guilty movie villain.

False Accusations

For all the times we’ve seen the accused in a sex offense case be truly guilty, we’ve seen plenty of instances where a false allegation has unduly ruined a person’s life.

While false allegations of sex offenses may be statistically low (with estimates ranging between 2-10% in most states), they do happen, and ignoring that fact is just as bad as downplaying the existence of sex abuses in the first place.

A false allegation of any crime, especially a sex offense, is an extremely frightening thing to experience, and the motives behind them can vary from the sinister all the way to a case of mistaken identity.

Regardless of the motive, if you’re the victim of a sex offense allegation, the best step to take is to immediately contact an attorney before speaking with law enforcement or anyone else involved in the allegation.

Defense attorneys are trained professionals that specialize in navigating complicated, high-stakes cases and situations, and it’s vital that they be contacted as soon as an accusation occurs.


While the success of The Sound of Freedom has thrust child trafficking and sex offense into the spotlight, it’s important to understand that real world cases and allegations of these crimes are often far more complicated than what you’d see on the big screen.

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