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How Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, and Porn Addiction Wreak Havoc. 

Part 4: The Elixir

Welcome to Part 4 of our ongoing blog series covering the “Trilogy Modum” theory.

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To review, the trilogy modum consists of three dysfunctional attitudes and abuses that, when combined, formulate a kind of psychological “super germ” in an individual, and can lead them down the path to destructive, abusive behavior. These are:

  1. Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse suffered as an adolescent.
  2. A family history of drug abuse and addiction (be it alcoholism or otherwise)
  3. Pornography Addiction

In the first three parts of this series (linked above), I discussed each individual piece of the modum in detail, using excerpts from my book, An American Lawyer. Now, I’d like to briefly discuss the potent combination of these toxic behaviors that I like to refer to as “the elixir.”

Each of these behaviors is dangerous in isolation, but I strongly believe that when combined, their dangerous effects multiply exponentially. The following excerpt covers this in more detail. Read on for more:

The Elixir

These three components when mixed together are a likely time bomb for many people. I’ve seen it over and over again with friends and clients. In many ways, I’ve seen it in my own life. But even if just the first two factors occur, they in and of themselves are enough to cause long-term negative effects. Porn simply adds to the overall destruction in their lives.

Without some sort of intervention and understanding, these factors create a mindset that can be devastating. I truly believe that there are millions of men and women who could have achieved great things in life but cannot get past the feelings of failure that these factors imposed upon them. Have you ever asked yourself why you cannot succeed? Why can’t you just move forward? There may be other components other than the Trilogy Modum that come into play, but I believe these three components are so prevalent that they bear the majority of responsibility.

My argument is sound. I believe that these three components individually are extremely prevalent in men today, and when occurring in combination, the elixir becomes a deadly problem for many. The first two factors create the problem, and the pornography issue numbs men enough to not be able to take strides to pull themselves out of the deep dark cavern. I believe that therapists should start attacking this trilogy directly and succinctly. These three factors are responsible for more sorrow and heartache in people’s lives than can be calculated. If writing this causes health professionals to look closely at this devastating combination, then all the energy and effort would have been worth it.

James Crawford

Thank you for visiting Part 4 of this series, and please stay tuned for tomorrow’s final installment.