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Vigilante sexual predator stings may present in many different ways. These amateurs often pretend to be underage individuals and lure in predators. They can do this online through chatrooms, social media and private messaging.

Typically, these people have no training or education in the field of investigation. They are simply acting on their feeling of justice and in an effort to protect the vulnerable. But law enforcement is not completely in favor of this type of movement, which is unfortunate considering numbers show such stings are on the rise.

People taking justice into their own hands

Since the beginning of time, people have had a drive to pursue justice in any way possible. While modern society largely leaves this up to trained law enforcement, vigilant sexual predator stings are aiming to help.

It is no secret that many law enforcement agencies are severely underfunded and understaffed. they simply do not have the time to launch intensive investigations to target every single predator out there. But vigilantes hope to step in and assist by exposing these individuals.

Whether it is through reporting to law enforcement or simply exposing these people to the public, these stings are increasing. People are tired of sitting by and watching predators take advantage of the vulnerable within society. This is their way of fighting back.

Law enforcement is not entirely on board

While law enforcement agencies do appreciate the public helping with exposing predators, they do not necessarily think stings are the way to go. They warn that it can lead to defamation when there are mistakes or further crimes.

The bottom line is vigilante sexual predator stings are on the rise, but in some cases, they could do more harm than good.