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Even after the court determines a child custody assignment as part of your divorce case, there is still one big matter for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to finalize. You need to create a parenting plan that gives both the primary and nonprimary custodians a fair share of rights and responsibilities.

Drafting a functional parenting plan likely involves making compromises until you have a schedule that works for both parents. This can be difficult, especially in a contentious divorce, but it is important to remember that there are certain issues you absolutely should not compromise on.

Your own schedule

While each parent must inevitably make sacrifices of their own personal wants, needs and time in making a parenting plan, you should not be the only one sacrificing your schedule. Your co-parent might wrongfully try to strongarm you into agreeing to a plan that specifically works for their schedule or that requires significantly more effort from you. Experts recommend the use of co-parenting apps to help keep a schedule that maintains an enjoyable family life for everyone.

Your child’s rights

One particularly unfortunate pitfall among divorcing parents is that they contend fiercely for their own desires while neglecting to pursue a resolution that will make the child happy. Your child has the right and the unspoken need for quality time with both parents. Keep in mind that a parenting plan which involves excessive travel back and forth between homes will also compromise your child’s quality of life.

Divorce and many issues to follow are all about compromising to keep your family functional and amicable. Even so, there are certain things you should never compromise on in order to keep your own rights intact.