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A single DUI can have a much bigger impact that anyone may initially think. While some might falsely take it as a non-issue due to it counting as a first-time offense, this is not necessarily true.

In fact, one DUI can impact almost every area of a person’s life, permanently altering their future.

College trajectory impacts

The College Investor discusses the potential impact of a DUI on college. First, many colleges will not outright expel a person for a DUI conviction. However, they may overlook applicants in favor of those without a criminal record. They could also revoke financial support like grants or scholastic rewards, thus ultimately pricing a person out of attendance.

Changes to career

A DUI can also impact someone’s career. Many groups do not hire people with a DUI on record. This includes any government positions or positions that work with children. Naturally, it also includes jobs that require a person to cart merchandise, objects, items or people around.

Different social standing

Social standing can end up altered because of a DUI. Many people do not actively consider this, but it is possible to lose coveted positions in the local community. A person may end up shunned from community or volunteer activities and could lose their standing in the eyes of organizations like churches or state groups.

Housing availability

Finally, it can even change housing availability. Some landlords do not check to see what a criminal record constitutes of, simply passing over anyone who has a record at all in order to take on a person without a record.

It is important to keep these factors in mind when facing a DUI charge.