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Today on July 19, 2021, read about:

  • Maryland approves sports betting rules with hope to have the industry in full swing by fall.
  • Capital Gazette parent company sued, after guilty verdict in shooters trial.
  • Officers charged with excessive use of force, following choking allegations.
  • Woman charged with assault and harassment, after running into a man with her car.
  • Baltimore cop now charged with murder in connection to his step son’s death.

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Sports Betting Hopes to be Live by Start of 2021 NFL Season

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What’s Going On:

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission approved the final rules and regulations for sports betting in the state last week. The hope is to be fully operational by the 2021 NFL Season for online and mobile, with local sportsbooks up and running by the middle of the season.

Marylanders now have a 30-day window for comment and opinions on the structure of the sports betting industry. Once that period ends, they will move on to operator applications.

Why This Matters To You:

Gambling in Maryland is ramping up with the addition of sports betting to casinos and lotteries. Soon we’ll be able to wager on our local teams without the worry of breaking the law.

As gambling law changes in our state, the fear of placing wagers diminishes. As more types of gambling are allowed, and law books expand, we move closer to being called Las Bay-gas.

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Newspapers Sued Following Verdict in Capital Gazette Shooter Case

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What’s Going On:

A jury found the Capital Gazette gunman competent and criminally responsible for killing five people, and immediately after, civil lawsuits were announced against The Baltimore Sun and its parent company, which owns the Annapolis paper.

The suits allege the papers did not do enough to prevent the attack. As a result, they were filed earlier, before the statute of limitations, but kept secret until the criminal trial was complete.

Why This Matters To You:

Employees have to feel safe and protected while at work. That is the heart of the matter in these civil lawsuits. Yet, after years of threats, the gunman made easy entry into the building and began his attack that fateful June 28, 2018.

The lawsuit goes after the companies assuming negligence in the matter. The families believe the defendants had ample warning and time to prevent the gunman’s attack and neglected to do anything about it.

This will not be an easy case as it is mentioned in the article that workers’ compensation laws practically prevent employees from suing their employer. Therefore, many think the cases will get thrown out, but we know the world of legalities is constantly changing, and this case could set a precedent for those in the future.

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More Officers Facing Excessive Use of Force Allegations

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What’s Going On:

Two Baltimore police officers are indicted on charges of assault and misconduct in connection to an alleged assault on a teen in April 2020. The officers pursued the teen in a stolen vehicle when they allegedly used excessive force during the arreast.

The indictment accuses the officers of choking and kicking the teen while making verbal threats to kill him. Baltimore’s mayor, Brandon Scott, stated that he is committed to building a safer Baltimore where police apprehend suspects without harm or degradation.

Why This Matters To You:

Police are under heavy scrutiny for their actions on the job nowadays. The George Floyd murder has put police forces nationwide under the microscope.

Officers must consider any action they take beforehand as it could cost them their employment and possible criminal penalties. And, it is no longer the word of the officer against the word of the accuser.

With body cameras, cell phones, Go-Pros, and other digital recording devices prevalent in today’s digital world, these assaults are caught on camera and posted for all to see. As a result, the court of public opinion can put heavy pressure on prosecutors.

Police have a job to do, and that job can lead to physical altercations during arrests as a defendant tries to allude or escape apprehension. There are times force is needed to subdue the suspect, but that force has limits, and an officer has to understand what type of force they can lawfully use.

The public and police still have lots of work to do to fix the issues at hand.

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Man Hit By Car of Apparent Stalker

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What’s Going On:

Anne Arundel County police arrested and charged a woman with second-degree assault, harassment, and stalking connected to a man hit with a vehicle. Last Wednesday, police responded to Hardesty Rd. in Harwood for a man injured.

When officers arrived, a man was found with an injury to his hand, and he told police a black Ford Mustang struck him, and he believed it was intentional.

Why This Matters To You:

Relationships are not easy. Leaving a person who refuses to believe the relationship is over can lead to volatile situations.

Although the article doesn’t mention a relationship, we can assume there was one because of the stalking and harassment charges. The gentleman, in this case, would have been greatly served by obtaining a protective order against the woman, which could have a no-contact order in it. That alone could have led to the police getting involved in the matter before someone got hurt.

Living in fear causes increased stress levels and a reduction in overall physical and mental health. No one should have to be fearful of going about and living life. Unfortunately, it appears nothing was proactively done to avoid this situation, so now someone is hurt, and another faces life-altering consequences for their actions.

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Cop Who Admitted He Hid Stepson’s Body Now Charged With Murder

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What’s Going On:

The Baltimore officer who confessed to hiding his stepson’s body in a hole in the wall of their townhome is now charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, as well as child abuse resulting in death. The state’s medical examiner’s office concluded that the teens’ cause of death was homicide by asphyxiation.

The defendant’s attorney stated that he found the stepson in the bathtub and believed he committed suicide. Therefore, they are focusing the defense on how the asphyxiation happened.

On two separate occasions, protective orders were applied by the defendant’s wife. One was denied, and the second was granted just hours before the teen’s body was found. Leading up to the alleged murder were months of domestic violence complaints.

Why This Matters To You:

Domestic violence almost always leads to a bad final result. Maryland courts look for those in possible domestic violence situations by issuing temporary protective orders based on caution. Then, a hearing is held where the parties tell their side of the story, and a judge decides if protections are needed.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. An order was denied, and when finally granted, it was too late. Now a tragedy has unfolded that will forever change the lives of the victims’ family members.

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