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For the ordinary person, criminal charges are difficult to navigate. The legal system itself is broad and complicated. In legally compromising circumstances, you might feel overwhelmed with the vagueness of what’s ahead and how you can properly navigate it.

If you’re in a situation where you’ve been accused of a crime or find yourself facing felony charges and your first thought is to hire an attorney, you’re thinking in the right headspace.

Pursue the best outcomes possible for yourself. Keep in mind the following when thinking about hiring a criminal defense attorney:

  • A tough spot led to a need for legal help, and a defense attorney is a call to make;
  • Life does not end with legal issues because you still have a future ahead; And
  • Always protect your best interests with an attorney working for the best possible outcome.

You Need Help, and You Know Where to Find It

Facing down legal issues is hard for anyone. However, putting your trust in an experienced lawyer can alleviate any uncertainty that comes with a criminal case. Lawyers will handle the busywork, like filing paperwork and help advise you on possible outcomes of your situation. Therefore, you want someone who won’t sugarcoat your circumstances but will provide potential results based on their depth of legal knowledge.

You will also want to consider asking a few of the following questions:

  • How long have you been a lawyer? 
  • How many cases involved clients in my situation?
  • How many cases do you take to trial? 

These can help give you an idea of the lawyer’s expertise, years of experience, and how well they might represent you based on their exposure to situations much like your own. It will also give your lawyer the chance to explain non-trial avenues, such as pleas or plea bargains.

A lawyer understands the Judicial System; a good one can help you navigate it.

You Care About Your Future

Losing a criminal case could change your life for the worst. Depending on the charges, not only might you face jail time, but fines, job loss, loss of housing, loss of your car or driver’s license, and other socioeconomic burdens.

A compassionate criminal defense attorney will fight for you and your future. Any charges, penalties, or sentences are on the table for your attorney to reduce the severity or argue away altogether.

Are you worried about a felony charge marring your record and chances of having a successful career? Then, an attorney can fight to keep that charge off your record.

Another thing: though it might seem more costly, hiring a lawyer can save you money in the long run. Self-representation is a risky and taxing choice to make for yourself on top of the pressures of the legal system. There’s also the chance you won’t be able to see exposed loopholes like a criminal defense attorney–an aspect of the proceedings that could save you time and money.

An experienced attorney cares about your future, too, and can help fight for its preservation.

You are Looking to Maximize Your Chances of Achieving the Best Outcome

You want the best outcome for yourself. Knowing where to find help is one thing; trusting in the right attorney to use their resources, argue the most vulnerable parts of the opposing case, and even make you a deal to reduce your charges.

We’ve already talked about self-representation and how risky it can be; the next-step-up would be hiring a public defender, which also has its disadvantages. Unlike a criminal defense attorney, a public defender might be working on multiple cases at a time. Although it doesn’t mean they won’t give you unequal attention–however, it can make for less attention than you would get with a private lawyer.

In this, you have the power to choose your criminal defense attorney: someone who you can look in the eye and trust, who makes you feel understood but isn’t afraid to give you the hard truths. With a public defender, you can’t simply pick and choose; if you don’t feel pleased with your representation, it’s much harder to switch between public defenders than private defense lawyers.

A private attorney has more resources at their disposal. For one, they have in-house assistance from paralegals and associates who lighten their load and provide counsel throughout.

In addition, they can gather information from witnesses, use investigators to find weak points in the prosecution’s case, and take a moral, legal stance on every aspect of your case, start-to-finish. Finally, they can look at your situation within the context of the law using a very personalized process.

All this considered, a criminal defense attorney has more time to focus on getting you the best outcome possible. Keep in mind, too, that your success and satisfaction matter to them! Lawyers thrive on having great reputations in their communities and states. If the legal system makes you feel isolated and you want someone who cares about your interests as much as you do, hiring an attorney is a perfect place to start.

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