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Owning a business is more than meets the eye. As it grows, you may run into additional issues you did not expect to run into when you first opened doors. Employee contracts, intellectual property, or even all the mountains of paperwork may become overwhelming and hard to process all at once on your own. Do not wait until this point, though. Contact and hire a business attorney today to get to the root of your business’ issues so you can keep growing. Read on to learn about the roles a business attorney may play in your life:

  • Forming the Partnership: The Core of the Attorney-Client Relationship;
  • The Small Stuff and the Big Stuff: Where Your Attorney Comes in; and
  • Continuing to Grow Your Business: Progression with an Attorney by your Side.

A Business Lawyer is Your Partner, Not Just Your Attorney

First and foremost, Business Lawyers are not just someone you hire to handle busy work here and there. In many ways, they are like partners and colleagues working with you to achieve any and all goals you have for your business.

You put a lot of trust into your employees—the same will go for your lawyer. Their job is not just to fill out mountains of paperwork and negotiate deals. They also take a look at your circumstances, the legal codes relating to your line of work, general business, and corporate law, and synthesize it into digestible, concise advice. Think of them like an engaged and well-informed advisor who can also enact the legal strategies they present.

Not only is this true on your end, but also your attorney’s. Ever heard of attorney-client privilege? It is more than just a bond between professionals—it’s a relationship. An attorney is both your conduit for professional advice and tough love. They will fight for you and your goals through thick and thin without hesitation. If you are in a legally compromised spot and unsure of what to do, they will guide you on the right path no matter your headspace. Lawyers can be your best friends and your greatest advocates all-in-one.

Now, of course, lawyers are everywhere. Finding that perfect advocate is a tall task and one you shouldn’t take lightly.

Our lawyers are of the highest caliber to make you feel strong in your role as a businessperson. They know and understand how security and continuity are paramount to the upkeep of a successful business and will fight next to you at every step to make sure you can live without the weight of legal issues.

If you want someone compassionate, thorough, and aggressive, choose JC Law for your business.

Being your partner is not the only thing you need to have in a business lawyer. You should also keep in mind all the things you will not have to deal with as a result of your attorney-client relationship and how much that’ll matter in the long run for you and your business’ health.

From Paperwork-to-Future Planning: Your Lawyer Does It All

All lawyer have their specialties. Business lawyers are not all cut from the same cloth, either. “Business” is a vast, blanket term that covers all types of disciplines that fall under it. If your business needs someone to handle a specific issue, you will want to get a multi-talented lawyer who can dip their toes in an array of fields.

At the baseline level, a business lawyer knows business law and can keep timely, well-filed paperwork that serves the business’ upkeep week-to-week. There is also the added bonus of keeping your lawyer close for legal questions if they arise, so you do not need to bog down the flow of your business’ growth to obtain basic information. This is something that your lawyer can handle almost immediately if you have a strong partnership with them.

On a bigger-picture level, your lawyer may assist in a wide variety of ways:

  • If your business makes products, produces content, invents, and seeks patents, your lawyer can defend your intellectual property against competitors.
  • You’ll always need contracts written for new employees, but you will also need them for new clients, disclosure agreements, purchases, leases, and so on.
  • Negotiating property and real estate matters when it comes to keeping your business running, and your lawyer can take care of those when it comes to sales and leasing.
  • Advise you on laws regarding advertising and marketing to help you create a draw to your business.

You do not want to go at these alone. Having your own business lawyer to help push back against anything threatening its progression is crucial. 

Taking Your Business to New Heights with an Experienced Attorney

Not only will they keep you moving, but your attorney will keep you growing.

Are you at the point where you are thinking about buying another company? Your lawyer can help you with mergers and acquisitions. Trust us: it is not as simple as buying the company and taking over. Instead, there is a multi-layered process to transferring ownership, sharing ownership, and reforming the company.

You will also want to make sure your lawyer has a keen sense of commercial awareness. Growth does not occur with knowledge of the markets and your product. If you have that at your disposal combined with legal know-how, you’ll be well-situated to grow your business drastically.

We mentioned fighting for intellectual property above, but what about securing patents and copyrights? Securing IP ownership is a major stepping-stone for a business. These are all very difficult, lengthy processes that often require a lawyer for a successful outcome. Quite literally, without a lawyer, you may see no progress in this realm of growth for your company.

In the course of a business’ growth, you may also need risk management insight from your attorney in the event any new additions in software, technology, or facilities may leave you open to damages or a future lawsuit. Minimizing risk is in your best interest, and having a person on your side who knows the consequences is key.

At JC Law, we pride ourselves on the diverse skill-sets our attorneys bring to each case and client. Our business lawyers are intelligent, experienced, but above all, personable and compassionate in the way they represent and work with their clients. They do not just want your business to function day-to-day—they want to see it grow to its fullest potential. If you need legal help with your business, call our offices for a free initial consultation.