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Today on February 15, 2021, read about:

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Will Gorilla Glue Girl Sue?

Original Story

What’s Going On:

If you have not followed the Gorilla Glue Girl saga, let us clue you in. A woman in Louisiana ran out of her usual hairspray and decided to use Gorilla Glue adhesive spray as a substitute.

Big mistake. She turned her “do” into a permanent style. The initial video first appeared on TikTok as she reached out for help with her plight.

Millions of people followed the story. Her struggle received many tips from the public. For over a month the woman attempted tons of remedies without success.

Eventually, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills heard of the situation and offered to fix her hair for free. The woman underwent the first of four surgeries to undo the glue last Thursday.

Rumors began that she is considering suing Gorilla Glue for personal injury. The woman denies those rumors, saying there are no plans for litigation.

And, to make matters even more interesting, her image is being used on stickers and labels for marijuana.

Yes, there is a strain of cannabis called Gorilla Glue and cultivators and sellers are using her image for marketing.

Why This Matters To You:

Contacting an attorney when an injury has occurred is a good thing. They can tell you whether there is or is not a case.

We at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] would welcome someone from Maryland in this predicament to contact us.

There really is not much she can do about the image. A major point of emphasis to a civil suit, can you get paid?

The likelihood she could collect money from the sale of her image on stickers and drug paraphernalia is slim.

Those are mostly cash businesses and cash is tough to track and trace. Too hard to tell if money made was from the sale of those items.

As for a personal injury claim, different story. By focusing on the injury, mental and emotional in this case, rather than damage done from the injury a case could be made.

For over a month this woman has struggled with a permanent do, without receiving a perm.

For sure mentally anguishing over the mistake made. Plus, the Gorilla Glue label does not specifically say not to put it in hair, so a case could be made about the warning label.

Thankfully, the woman is regaining her hairs’ freedom, as for if she sues, we sit under the blower and wait.

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Two Brothers Prank 911

Original Story

What’s Going On:

Two Silver Spring, Maryland brothers are charged with faking a 911 call and making false statements. On January 24th officers went to the home of the brothers on a call of a domestic disturbance.

On arrival, they discovered one brother on the floor with a wound to his neck. Cops found the other brother standing next to the victim with a bloody knife.

First responders then arrived and began first aid and radioed for a life flight helicopter. A few moments after the call went out the victim jumped up laughing and proclaimed it all a joke.

An investigation discovered the blood was fake and a camera set up to capture the scene. Officials do not believe that anyone else at the house during the incident was involved.

Why This Matters To You:

First off, we do not recommend anyone call 911 unless in an emergency situation. All police departments have a non-emergency line to take calls that do not need an immediate emergency response.

Secondly, what went through these brothers heads to concoct such an elaborate and gruesome hoax? It’s not every day that people wake up and think let’s pretend to get stabbed and call 911.

Emergency services cost the jurisdiction time and money. Both of which keep services running and available when truly needed.

Misuse of these services can cause real emergencies to be missed or responded to late. Seconds count when a life is on the line.

Although these men meant no real harm, first responders are only called when real harm happens, not for a fraudulent purpose.

The men most likely wanted Internet fame, what with a camera set up to capture the prank. But, fame should not cost someone precious time in a life or death emergency situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic is lonely for some and this hoax may be a call for attention. With our normal daily human contact paused, people are home alone.

Feelings of loneliness make it not far-fetched to think they just wanted noticed.

Afterall, we as humans are social creatures.

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Maryland Lawmakers Overturn Governor’s Veto On Background Checks for Long Rifles and Shotguns

Original Story

What’s Going On:

Last Thursday Maryland lawmakers overturned Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of background checks for the sales of shotguns and long rifles. Officially making it law.

The legislation requires private sellers to conduct background checks of individuals buying those weapons.

Known as Senate Bill 208 and House Bill 4, the law closes a loophole that had no need for background checks.

Opposition calls the law an attack on the rural way of life and law-abiding gun owners. Activist celebrated the ruling after pushing for the legislation for years.

20 other overturned vetoes, including the creation of a women’s pre-release center in the Department of Corrections and a bill to protect the confidentiality of juvenile defenders became law Thursday, too.

Why This Matters To You:

When our federal or state government enacts new laws we as citizens need to know. They affect our lives and how we conduct them.

And, with the increase of mass shootings, gun control laws are expanding nationwide. A few bad apples ruin the bunch.

Gun rights activists believe the 2nd Amendment firmly guarantees all citizens the right to possess guns. So, it’s understandable why they stand against laws that infringe on that right.

On the other hand, gun control advocates see the unnecessary violence that comes with guns. The tragic loss of innocent lives due to murder and mass shootings is enough to make most see a need to regulate firearms.

The legislative session last week also created a couple of justice reform laws. One is meant to help female offenders adjust to life outside prison before release. The other shields juvenile offenders’ information from public view.

[nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] encourages reform such as this. We all deserve a second chance. Having a positive shot at that is worth striving for in our criminal justice system.

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Baltimore Cop’s Quick Action Saves Lives

Original Story

What’s Going On:

A Baltimore police officer trainee became a hero last Wednesday. The officer was off duty at the time in the Baltimore Highlands neighborhood and responded to a triple shooting.

Running to the scene, the officer found a woman shot in the arm, a man shot in his leg, and another man with a gunshot wound to his foot.

The officer transported one of the victims to an area hospital, but it is unknown which.

The victim’s conditions have not been released at his time.

Why This Matters To You:

Gun violence and crime continues to be a major issue for Baltimore. Fortunately, an officer was in the vicinity of the shooting to aid victims and save lives

Many shootings end tragically, but this officer’s quick action ensured immediate medical attention when its needed most.

The motive to this shooting is unknown, so we cannot truly know why this crime occurred without further investigation.

Could this have been a drug deal gone bad? Was it a robbery? Or, did the shooter act in self-defense?

Tragic none the less, as people got hurt. Thankfully, it appears not seriously.

And, finally a story of good police work in a time when officers actions have come in to question.

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Maryland Immigration Advocates Push for Universal Representation

Original Story

What’s Going On:

A push for universal representation in Maryland comes from CAIR Coalition and CASA Maryland.

Both groups are working for legislation that would ensure legal representation to those facing deportation proceedings.

Over 500,000 immigrants are detained a year in the US, 300 a day just in Prince George’s County.

Legal counsel greatly increases the chances a detainee has at gaining legal residence and avoiding deportation.

Immigrants are 10x more likely to win their cases when represented by a lawyer.

If legislation passes, all 23 jurisdictions in Maryland will have a universal representation program. Currently, only Prince George’s County and Baltimore City offer such programs.

Most immigrants detained have lived in Maryland for years, setting down roots, families, and jobs. Maryland is home.

Why This Matters To You:

Our country’s greatest attribute, anyone has the opportunity to make a better life.

The first settlers sought religious asylum, and since then it has become a melting pot of people seeking the freedom to pursue happiness.

In fact, the US is a country founded by immigrants. They came to escape tyrannical rule in England, and ultimately founded this great nation.

Today is no different, immigrants come to the US to escape persecution, poverty, and tyranny.

[nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] commends this legislation. Until it passes, we here at the Firm can help you or a loved one fight deportation to make sure you stay here in Maryland.

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Cop Sentenced for Lying to Feds About Stealing and Selling Cocaine

Original Story

What’s Going On:

Yet another Baltimore police officer heads to jail for corruption. This time an ex-detective and federal task force member will spend 14 months in prison for lying to federal agents.

Apparently, the officer stole 3 kilograms of cocaine with two other officers in 2009 and sold the drugs for profit. The conviction stems from the Gun Trace Task Force corruption investigation.

The detective was confronted about the allegations in 2018 and it was then that he lied to federal agents. He claims it was a one-time incident and that he is racked with guilt over it.

A much larger problem looms due to his arrest. Prosecutors are now scrambling to salvage his work in a major gang case.

The officer went on to work a decade as a task force officer for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

There he wrote warrants for the investigation of the Murdaland Mafia Piru Bloods gang. They led to indictments and convictions.

Defense attorneys for the gang members believe their clients should get a new trial. Arguing, the officer’s misconduct taints the cases.

There is no evidence he lied in those investigations. But, defense attorneys argue he lied about himself as an honest investigator, and his credibility is now suspect.

The two other officers involved in stealing the cocaine plead guilty to other charges in a separate case. One has been sentenced while the other awaits sentencing.

Why This Matters To You:

Our Constitutional right as Americans guarantees a fair and speedy trial. Fair being the operative word here.

The lure of a quick buck leads many to bad things, like selling drugs. And, because that bad thing involved an officer of the law and his job, all things associated with his work need questioning.

The likelihood the officer took advantage of his position and committed another questionable act is high.

Even though he claims it was a one-time thing, a full investigation into the warrants he wrote and cases he worked must be done.

If guilty convictions were gained from his work, then we must make sure those convictions are fair.

Questionable investigations should get the convicted new trials. And, evidence collected by the officer thrown out.

An unfair trail is a disservice to our justice system. We must fight to correct those mistakes and right any possible wrongs.

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Three Charged in Vaccine Scam

Original Story

What’s Going On:

Three people from Baltimore County face federal fraud charges. They allegedly created a fake website to mimic Moderna’s.

Attempting to sell coronavirus vaccines for $30 a pop.

The real website URL is and the defendants fake site used the URL, Visually, the fake site appeared to resemble Moderna’s actual webpage.

Federal agents placed an order for 6,000 vaccine doses in January as part of a sting operation. Days after the order, agents seized the website and searched the house of one of the suspects.

During the search, investigators discovered communications between their suspect and two others who were in on the scam. Arresting those two in a separate police sting.

Why This Matters To You:

Now that drug companies are using their COVID-19 vaccines, people are chomping at the bit to get it. A ton of fraud involving vaccine availability is taking place.

What is interesting in this case, the alleged website never scammed anyone. How can there be fraud without potential victims?

Only the federal agent’s vaccine order is mentioned. No person in the public fell victim to the scam, as nowhere in the article does it mention any victims.

Maybe this was a collaborative academic project. The suspects developed a webpage as an assignment.

It is conceivable to create a fake page and “publish” it to test its working order, but forget to unpublish afterward.

Taking advantage of the hysteria surrounding a pandemic is unfortunate.

The lure of a vaccine in a pandemic world makes people vulnerable. Fear is a great motivator.

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