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February offered more than its fair share of winter weather, but it finally feels like spring might be finally moving in. Our whole team is energized and ready to rock and roll for our clients!

As such, we’ve rounded up a few exceptional wins JC Law attorneys are especially proud of from last month.

JC Law Domestic Department Matters

Congratulations to Laura Bacon, Associate Attorney, who won a difficult appeal in Circuit Court last month.

Congratulations are also in order to both her and Katelynn Brennan, Associate Attorney, who both won their first solo cases as JC Law attorneys last month.

Atty Bacon secured vital protection for our client, while Atty Brennan convinced the court to dismiss a frivolous matter that could have seriously harmed our client.

Congratulations to Abigail Beichler, Associate Attorney, who won yet another Pendente Lite hearing for her client. This time, she managed to win a father primary physical custody of his kids, given the opposing party’s demonstrated behavior.

JC Law Criminal Department Matters

Congratulations to Mark Sobel, Criminal Department Manager & Senior Litigator, for securing an essential “not guilty” verdict on behalf of our client. Because Atty Sobel argued that the prosecution could not prove their case to the legal standard, our client does not go to prison or register on the sex offender list.

We also congratulate Angel Campbell, Associate Attorney, for doing such a spectacular job on one client’s DUI case, that their friend called us up to specifically request Atty Campbell as their representation!

Reviews of JC Law

Here are some of the reviews JC Law is especially proud of that were submitted last month.

Thank you so much, Florian [Tabaku]. So happy to be able to close the door on this part of our lives and move on for our family.

You literally saved this for us. This was the first perfect experience we have had with a lawyer that we felt worked for us; ready and available to assist. You even talked with us at 9pm on a Friday night to hear our case. Incredible!

I will be leaving a review and will recommend your Firm to our friends and family that may need your services.

Ultimate professionals. Empathetic and intelligent. They work well as a team and with their clients with your best interest in mind. I felt a sense of calmness with them representing me and I was glad that I had the opportunity to work with them. Life happens and sometimes you need legal help. Look no further… this law office has it all.

[Angel] Campbell was very professional, she kept me informed on the status of my case. She worked very hard on my case. Truly appreciate her hard work and dedication. Thank you.

I appreciate everything the Firm has done for me and glad they were on my side. This Firm was recommended to me at a time I did not know what to do next and grateful another happy client was able to help me in the right direction. Thanks for all the great help.

Mark Sobel is a great lawyer to work with. He has been able to represent my son without him having to do any probation. It’s been a wonderful experience. If ever anyone I know need a great attorney, I will definitely recommend Mark Sobel.

Review James Crawford Law

(Please note: Not all client “wins” will be shared out of privacy concerns, and details may be modified or obscured. We complete dozens of cases every month in a variety of matters from family and criminal to civil and beyond; this is just a sample of our accomplishments. Also remember that these results may not be possible in your own case, but the only way to know for sure is to ask us about it!)