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James E. Crawford, Jr., Esq. established JC Law back in 1992, believing that a boutique firm can provide the personalized attention Marylanders need and deserve. We’ve helped thousands of people, and here is why we’ve been so successful:

  • Undertaking Family Law serves the greater good of our community;
  • Divorce is just one aspect, and Family Law deals with many other issues; And
  • Helping Maryland families, a dedication to your interests.

Family Law – Serving Your Community

When our founder, James E. Crawford, Jr., Esq. began practicing law, he believed it was an absolute privilege to help people in their time of need. And, he still holds true to that purpose with every fiber of his being.

We are here to help you get through your time of need. Our attorneys will do everything in their power to represent you in an ethical, forceful, and proper manner.

The formula for success is simple: provide the community with straightforward, compassionate, and competent representation, allowing the Firm to excel on its own merits.

The measurement of our success comes from the stream of referrals we receive from former clients who were pleased with the representation they received. Our service reflects our dedication to bettering the lives of our community members.

We build our stellar reputation through empathy, skill, and our Maryland court system’s working knowledge. We recognize that divorce and other family law matters present emotional and financial obstacles for each person and family.

Issues involving family take sensitivity, creativity, and empathy to resolve them fairly. No one surpasses our compassion and dedication to helping our fellow Marylanders!

There is More to Family Law Than Just Divorce

Family law encompasses much more than divorce. We represent Maryland clients in a wide range of family law cases, including, but not limited to:

Dedicated to Serving the Best Interests of Maryland Families

Our dedication to family law and divorce cases stretches almost 30 years, handling thousands of cases. We’ve been in nearly every courtroom in the state to take on these cases. Our knowledge of the minute differences between jurisdictions/counties in the state ensures our clients receive the best possible outcome.

The fervor dedication to our client’s best interests sets us apart from the rest. We empathize with our clients and do not hesitate to work aggressively against the opposition if we believe it is in the client’s best interest. Our goal is to stand for you zealously.

Whether your case requires vigorous negotiation, mediation, or assertive representation at trial, our compassionate Maryland family law attorneys have the legal knowledge and courtroom experience to protect you and your interests.

Negotiation skills and compassion matter in divorce and family law – the two areas of practice in which we focus our time and energy. It’s our job to handle your divorce or related family law matter with the utmost skill and compassion.

Contact JC Law for a free initial consultation into your family matter. We can help you execute a plan to obtain a fair resolution to any issue in your family.