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If you have been accused of a crime, the first thing you will want to do is to develop a defense. There are several kinds of defenses you can use if you end up in court. The truth, an admission of guilt, and denials can all be used in your favor.

With the truth, you want to show people that you either could not have committed the crime or that it has been taken out of context. You want to base your story on truth, and you want to have a compelling story that gains sympathy from the jury or judge on the case. If you can describe how the events did not happen like the prosecution has said they did and have evidence to support this, it can be a strong defense.

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You may want to confess to a crime, too, but in doing so, you could try to explain your actions. For instance, if a home was allegedly broken into and an item was missing, but you actually had permission to be there and had just borrowed that item, then that could be an explanation for why the scene looked like a theft had taken place.

Finally, you could deny all the charges. This one works well if you have an alibi. For instance, if you are accused of robbing a local store, but you were at work at the time of the crime, you could show your innocence by having coworkers who saw you at work speak on your behalf. This works best if you can prove that you had others with you and were not near the crime scene.