Every county in the State of Maryland handles and processes divorce matters differently.  Anne Arundel County is no different and requires intimate knowledge of the internal court process.

Every divorce in Maryland, including Anne Arundel County, begins with a Complaint about Absolute Divorce.  Upon filing, the Court will issue a summons that is required to be served.  Upon service, the responding party has 30 days to file an answer.

The difference and experience in Anne Arundel County begin to differ at this point.

Experienced counsel knows that he/she must begin aggressively investigating your matter by a propounded discovery in your case.  Anne Arundel County has very strict guidelines which are mandatory in Anne Arundel County.  You will then be required to have all financial forms and court-ordered parenting courses completed prior to your first scheduling conference.  You must also have your plan ready for your scheduling conference, including pendente lite relief and requests for evaluations, for this hearing and be prepared to articulate your needs.  Many other jurisdictions do not require this demanding schedule.  Failure to be aware of these rules could result in substantial harm to you and your case.

Moving forward, you will be required to do mediation with a local mediator.  The Court has a list of potential mediators, but it is imperative that your attorney be familiar with the local Anne Arundel mediators which best suit your needs.

After that, you will be required to appear for a settlement judge.  These events routinely occur on the 4th floor of the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel County.  Your settlement Court meeting requires that various documents must be completed, or you will NOT get a trial date.

Lastly, you will eventually receive a trial date before a Judge.  The trial date will be the “end of the road” and the time that all evidence is presented.  To be blunt, it’s the moment that must be seized for the result that you are seeking.

Fortunately, our lawyers have handled thousands of cases before Judges in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County and have years of success.  We strive to excel in Anne Arundel County and have no doubt we can successfully resolve your divorce matter.

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