What Do You Do if You Are Unmarried with Children?

In Maryland, unmarried couples don’t have the same legal rights as married couples, which means the father might lose child custody and visitation rights and sometimes mothers lose on child support issues.

At our law offices, we are lawyers have been helping residents like you since 1993. We have handled many cases and know the major issues unwed parents face in the situations. Many times the other parent simply doesn’t want you to have any contact with the child because they’re now involved with another person, or they simply make it difficult for you to have any type of contact. The risk of losing access to your child can have a lifelong relationship is great. Contact our office now at 443-709-9999 for your free consultation.

The Legal Challenges for Mothers and Fathers

Getting child custody, visitation or child support for an unwed parent is a unique challenge in family law. Usually, it centers on paternity. You can read more below to learn what to do when your mother or father of the child in the situation.

A single mother recently separated from her partner often needs the financial support of she has firmly custody of the child. That means is important to make sure you can prove paternity and to the biological father is. In order to proceed many times, a court order is required to enforce child support payments.

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