Assets and Divorce Attorney

Dividing Property After Divorce

When it comes to homes, 401kS, pensions and any other property acquired during the marriage, all it needs to be resolved either in a Maryland marital property settlement agreement or by the courts. This means that the asset or property will have to be divided between you and your spouse prior to the divorce. It does not mean, however, that all marital property needs to be split 50-50. If one spouse acquired the property via inheritance or brought the marital property into the marriage for example, then it is not deemed owned by both parties. There are other exceptions under Maryland law where the property will not be divided.

Why Hire James Crawford Jr and Associates in Maryland?

We are highly experienced divorce and property division litigation attorneys. We have had experience helping thousands of people in Baltimore, Annapolis, Bel Air, and the rest of Maryland. James Crawford Jr. started this firm in 1993 and is helped countless clients to the entire divorce process including simple and complex property division issues along the way. Take action now and called to come in for a free consultation to go over all your assets to determine the next step. Call our offices at 443-709-9999.

Money and Assets

Unfortunately, when a couple decides to separate for a divorce, they have to separate and break up their assets too. Most of the time, big property fights are caused by the stress and anger resulting from years of hard work and devotion, instead of greed and harm. We help clients take an objective birds-eye look at what they really want and need. We make an argument on your behalf to the Judge in order to get the best possible result for you.

  • 401K Pensions and Savings Accounts
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QUADRO)
  • Real Estate
  • Property division
  • Stocks, bonds
  • Businesses


From the retirement to your vacation home, these assets that are not just to you put your entire family and have a direct impact on the quality of wife after the divorce. It is extremely important that your lawyer understands how to analyze and handle property arguments in court regarding and Pendente Lite issues as well as permanent divorce issues.

We will help you obtain or keep what is yours at which it deserves. Contact us at 443-709-9999 schedule for an initial consultation with an experienced and qualified asset lawyer. We have been in practice since 1993 clients through the entire divorce process.