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How to establish property ownership, alimony, and preservation of assets prior to getting married in Maryland.
Today, many people were getting married later in life after they have established their work, career and acquired many assets. In other situations, individuals simply want to make sure that what they work for her entire life they will not lose down the road if in fact the spouse turns against them. In society, divorce can be emotionally, financially and psychologically distressing and overwhelming. The divorce rates or continuously rising and newlyweds face more pressure than ever to protect themselves and their marriages before entered into lifelong commitments.

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Years ago it was unheard-of for individuals to enter into a prenuptial agreement last in the party had a tremendous amount of assets. However, there is a tremendous amount of people putting in writing exactly what they feel they want to know if, in fact, the relationship is not working out. This pattern includes existing or acquired assets, it includes future spousal support and/or alimony.

If you are thinking about getting married and want to protect the existing assets against the possibility of divorce, a prenuptial agreement may be exactly the right solution for you. Experienced prenuptial agreement attorneys in my firm can meticulously draft and review documents that detail how the property and/or any other marital support will be divided in the event of a divorce.
My firm is committed to protecting your best interest. Our sole goal is to effectively produce a document that will withstand any figures challenges no matter how long he stayed married. It is important that you take certain steps when drafting these documents to protect you as well as the future spouse. When you high-rise you will find that we are an extremely committed group to protecting your best interest now throughout their marriage.

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It is difficult sometimes to bring up the subject of a prenuptial prior to marriage. It’s certainly not romantic when you’re planning for the big day itself. However, once wedding bells have rung, they can’t be “un-rung”. In the best case scenario, you and your loved one will stay happily married forever and there will be no need for an agreement. Why take a chance?

Money is one of the most common causes of disagreements in marriage. Clearly, a prenuptial agreement detailing any future monies can help stop any future fights before they begin. If your marriage does not succeed as planned, a carefully crafted prenuptial agreement from our office can provide a clear and concise avenue to property division and will most likely help you avoid costly litigation.

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