Pre-Court Settlement

What is a Pre-Court Settlement?

An out-of-court settlement is an agreement made without actually going into the courtroom to litigate. It may mean meeting with mediators, counselors, or lawyers but the actual trial is avoided. With a pre-court settlement, you can save time, money, and major emotional stress, all the while achieving what you want to get out of a divorce or separation.

Avoiding the Courtroom

Generally, avoiding a courtroom can be a good thing.  Sometimes you simply have to litigate to get the job done. However, in my 27 years of practicing, I’ve seen about 80% of the cases that come across my desk as a possible settlement. It doesn’t mean that everything has to be worked out, but many times the majority of things can be resolved. Litigation can be expensive, no doubt. Getting an agreement prior to going to court can save you a lot of money and put things in your life back in order quickly.

Get the Right Lawyer

Many lawyers really are not skilled at trying to resolve situations. Many of them simply try to emasculate a situation because they been taught simply follow the rules of civil procedure and just file one document after another. There is a time and place to be tough, however, that does not always serve the best interest of your client. You need to make sure that you have an experienced trial lawyer who knows when to call a bluff and wants to push for a quick resolution. We have many years of experience in handling these matters. I can help guide you down the road even when you see no light at the end of the tunnel

Pretrial Divorce Settlement Process in Maryland

Don’t let any lawyer ever tell you that every county in the State of Maryland has the same rules and procedures. Yes, of course, we all follow the Maryland rules and procedures. However, every chief judge in each circuit in every county in Maryland has different timelines, procedures, and quirks as to how they want to try and get cases resolved.

Most counties will have some mediation or pretrial settlement conference. There are resources that can be good in some situations, but they have to be used properly. We have many resources here at the James E Crawford Junior and Associates law firm at our disposal as well.

Going to trial is the best way to handle a divorce. Often there are multiple trips to hearings, trials and other maneuvers that the Court wishes people to jump through to go to trial. If you do go to trial, ultimately a judge will be making the decision and take it out of your hands. Many trial judges will look at both the parties and say simply, “You know if you let me make this decision about your life and children’s lives it would be completely taken out of your hands. You can compromise and work to settle it now without me having to do that”. That’s the judge’s primary talk about trying to get the case resolved. In many ways, that statement is completely true. It’s always better to compromise and to work something out than to have a stranger tell you what to do. However, there are times when it simply cannot be worked out in your ex-spouses being completely unreasonable. That’s when you simply have to put the boxing gloves on and come to trial.

Cause for a Free Consultation

Our number is 443-709-9999. While most people say they prefer to settle out-of-court, the real art in actually doing so lies with the experience of your attorney. Consider contacting my office for a sit down with a free consultation.