Post Divorce Modification

Life doesn’t end after divorce. As experienced trial divorce lawyers, we’ve represented enough clients throughout Maryland to truly understand what that means.  Even though it may feel like the end of the world, you’ll find that it really isn’t.

More importantly, you’ll find that not only does life go on, but that your circumstances may have changed from the time of the divorce or separation. This may be only a month or as long as a year or more from the time of the settlement court order. It may be time now to request a post-judgment modification.

Enforcement of Divorce Decree in Maryland

You may find that you’ve lost your job and can no longer afford a child support payments. Or, you may have been promoted and are now earning more money and your ex-spouse or partner is asking for more support. Many times the issue is not related to money at all. Sometimes it is related to custodial issues or visitation issues. Maybe your ex-spouse is with someone who has a drug problem or is abusive to the kids. Whatever the issue is, it may be time for you to act and try to fix what did not occur in the original divorce or separation. Post-divorce modification often involves some or all of the above issues.

Hire A Law Firm Who Knows How to Get it Done

Divorce Attorney

In our many years of practice, we’ve represented scores of Maryland clients who need to consider modifying a pre-existing court order. A settlement or a court order that may have worked for you at one point in time your life doesn’t necessarily work now. That doesn’t mean you have to continue living with that order. Call us now to have a face-to-face conversation about how we can get this done for you.

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