Mortgages and Divorce

Who Pays the Mortgage in the Divorce?

Of course, who pays the mortgage is the million-dollar question. Much of that depends upon the existing circumstances when the parties become separated. If the husband is the breadwinner and the wife is a stay-at-home-mom, generally, the courts will want to ensure the mother and children’s stability until the divorce is finalized. This includes paying for the mortgage if, in fact, the mortgage has been paid for by the husband for a considerable amount of time.

Divorce inevitably leads to problems with the finances, including the mortgage payment. It is inevitable that you will have to figure out how to fix that situation. Sometimes, it is difficult to see the forest for the trees. That’s why you need an attorney who is highly experienced to sit down with you and asked questions about where you need to end up. Give us a call at 443-709-9999 for help. You can have an experienced attorney sit down with you and deliver your options.

How to Protect your Financial Interest During Divorce

Mortgage and Divorce AttorneyThe mortgage payment and a real estate property are two separate issues. Because most likely both your names are on the mortgage and deed, your perusal to hold it, even if you get a court order requiring your express to make payments.

A spouse who has been a homemaker or decides to stay in the home with the kids will inevitably seeking a court order to stay in the home for a period of 3 years, for which the ex-husband spouse pays all or a portion of the mortgage. This is not written in stone. Many times these factors can be altered. In fact, during any court order stay at the home steps can be taken to shore up the financial situation.

Speak with an experienced Maryland divorce attorney at 443-709-9999. Sometimes in life, you need someone who has been down this road many times to show you how to get to where you need to be.