Hi, I’m Timothy Sutton with your Hip Quick Legal Tip of the day. We are going to talk about voluntary impoverishment. Voluntary impoverishment is the process by which a party’s income can be imputed. Under Maryland law, several factors are considered voluntary impoverishment. They are: 

  • The party’s physical condition
  • Their level of education
  • The timing of any change of employment
  • The relationship of the parties prior to the proceedings
  • Their efforts to find employment
  • Their efforts to secure retraining
  • Whether or not they’ve withheld their child support
  • Their past work history
  • The area in which the parties live
  • And any other considerations the court may want to consider

Which is why you need a lawyer. Lawyers can help you enunciate these factors. They can match the facts of your case to the specific circumstances. If you are a party that has been out of work you may face yourself having to pay child support that you’re not able to pay. If you are a party with a child who’s ex-partner is out of work, you may need a lawyer to make sure that they pay what you are entitled to receive. 

This is why today you should contact The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. for a family law attorney who can help you get your rights and receive the support you’re entitled to, or protect your rights and make sure you don’t have to pay something you can’t afford.