It is without question or dispute that a father has an absolute equal right to the raising of a child. This includes, but is not limited to, significant decisions such as health care, religion, education, and disciplinary issues. It is by far too often presumed that a mother of a child is naturally the “better” parent and the default provision of Maryland is simply to award custody of a child or children to their mother.

Custody litigation can be complex with several factors that a Judge must consider before rendering a decision, however, the primary focus remains on the best interest of the child. This is the standard upon which all other analysis originates. A custody dispute will likely entail a detailed factual analysis pertaining to the history of raising the child and the roles each party played while the child was being raised. The question that hovers for many fathers is whether the Courts and Judges naturally presume that the mother should have custody of the child due solely due to her sex as well as because the father was the primary “breadwinner” of the home. That answer, quite simply, is no.

As a father, and as one that will not let custodial determinations be solely dictated based upon whether a parent male or female, I strive to protect and remind our judicial system that absolute need to protect father’s rights. A father is a central figure in the life of a child and cannot be replaced or mimicked. In short, a role a father can play is exactly par for the role that a mother can play. I do not waver from this concept while we represent the father’s fighting to remain equally involved in their children’s lives. This is a dispute with the highest stakes and requires the highest skills.
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