What do I do? Where do I go?

Men throughout Maryland face this difficult and troubling question on a constant basis. Your wife has told you to leave and you feel like you have to go. You have built your life from that home, including your routine, your creature comforts, and most importantly, your family. Do you have to leave? Do you have to do what your wife has told you to do?

In virtually every instance, the answer is no. It is critical at this point that you think rationally to determine your course of action. If you have kids, where do they stay? If you leave, where do you go? Will they come with you? If you stay, will they see the other side? How often? Who pays support and how much? Can you stay? If you leave, what do you need to have?

These are very difficult, but important questions. You need to be ready to answer them and understand the global impact on the pending divorce/custody dispute that might arise.

No situation is ever the same and requires individual legal analysis. However, I can say with certainty that our firm has handled and guided untold Maryland residents through these exact issues.

Bottom line, you need to understand that it’s your house too, it’s your children too, and you are equally important in both as your wife is. This point cannot be understated.

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