Divorce and social media; should you worry about your social media account, while you are dealing with a divorce/custody matter?

Does your social media imprint matter during a divorce/custody case?  The answer, without question, is yes!

Social media is a window into your personal life that few, if any, outsiders would have a chance to enter.  Social media covers so many life topics, including, but not limited to, your political preference, financial status, social life, alcohol/drug life, and potential new relationship partners. Social media is an open book, with limited regulation, that frequently includes information which can be “tagged” upon you that you did not actually consent. Most people do not carefully monitor their social media accounts which can have disastrous consequences.

Skilled counsel will investigate you on several fronts, including social media.  Your friends, recent pictures, and social life are all under the microscope.  An easy example and one that is common is the issue of whether the opposing party is seeing a new person.  Social media is a quick and easy tool that often illustrates pictures of the new person, their contact information, which allows further investigation regarding that new person’s criminal background, history, and other issues that may linger over that person.  The key to this point cannot be underestimated!  From one picture, we would secure a vast amount of free information which we routinely use to present the best possible case for our clients.

The bullish point that I am making, and one that I stress for all my clients, is simple.  DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA while you have a custody/divorce dispute.  Social media could give the other party a significant advantage which could limit our ability to properly defend your interests.

For more information on the impact of social media, do not hesitate to call the firm!

Zack Groves