What if my child’s mother won’t let me see the kids?

What are my rights and what are the options?  How do I ensure my rights are protected?

Fathers routinely come to the Firm with these questions. They often arrive with a sense of defeatism thinking that the Mom always comes out on top simply because they are the mothers.  Fathers are under the mistaken belief that they somehow their role is diminished.

The reality is that this could not be further from the truth. Fathers are absolutely equal and have equal rights and claims to the custody of their children. Maryland laws support this proposition and are a core principle of our litigation team. It is a common concept that the best interest of a child is to have both parents at least equally involved in the emotional, physical, and psychological development of their children. Unfortunately, this notion is often one that does require aggressive counsel to ensure these principals are not lost during a case. 

The Firm strives to aggressively represent the father’s rights to ensure they can be involved and play an equal role in their children’s lives.

Discover how creative, yet aggressive counsel, can help protect your custodial rights.