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Contempt of A Court Order After A
Divorce or Separation

Most of our divorce laws came from the old ecclesiastic law. Over the centuries, Maryland law has evolved to become more modern and fit within society’s terms. There are several areas of the law that remain steadfast in their old ways. In a criminal case, if you are found guilty you can go to jail. In a civil case, if you violate certain discovery sanctions you could be held in contempt of court and go to jail. Likewise in a divorce situation if the judge told you in contempt under certain circumstances you can go to jail as well.

Some Examples of Areas Where Courts Will Hold Individuals In Contempt Are:

  • Enforcement of Child Support Orders;
  • Enforcement of Spousal Support or Alimony;
  • The production or improper spending of marital assets after it has been ordered not to do so.

When it comes to enforcing child support orders, if you are the custodial parent, you obviously need income to care for your children. You should begin with financial support based on the agreement or court order.

When it comes to defending yourself regarding past-due child support, contempt cases are rarely black-and-white. One of the largest reasons I see people get themselves in situations where this is that when they lose a job or lose income they did not file a petition to modify immediately.

Let Us Help You with Any Contempt Issue

Being held in contempt of court can be a very serious matter. These contempt citations stem from issues that occur in court, discovery sanctions, and other ill-advised actions on behalf of defendants.

You Need to Purge

Usually, when a response is filed to a contempt petition, you can “purge” the situation. If money is the remedy that sometimes that is the answer. However, not everyone has the funds to purge their situation and sometimes a hearing is required. It is extremely advisable to prepare for that trial very carefully to make sure that you show good faith.

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