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Alimony in Maryland Explained: The Criteria Considered in the Decision

How Is Alimony in Maryland Determined?

Alimony or spousal support is financial compensation that is...

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Maryland Business Law FAQs

1. Will I Need a Lawyer to Start a Company?

Anyone can start a business in the state of Maryland at...

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What is Military Family Law? An Overview of Military Family Law in Maryland

A military family has one or more parents or adults who serve in the United States Armed Forces....

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Marital Settlement Agreements in Maryland: What are They? And How Can They Benefit You?

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

A marital settlement agreement is a legally binding...

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Peace Orders In Maryland Explained

What Is a Peace Order?

A peace order is a court order. It is used to stop a certain person from...

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Personal Loans & Divorce In Maryland

What Are Personal Loans?

Personal loans are short term debt obligations. These loans are taken out...

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Women & Divorce In Maryland

 What Rights Do Women Have In a Divorce?

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Bank Accounts & Divorce

Some couples may decide to combine their assets when they get married. This is accomplished by...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Maryland

In this blog, we will cover the most frequently asked questions in regards to divorce in Maryland....

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Child Pornography and Arrests

Child pornography is defined as any material that depicts minors involved in sexually explicit...

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Marital Separation Agreements in Maryland

Separation agreements (also referred to as property settlement agreements or marital settlement...

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Child custody and Visitation - How to Spend Time With Your Child Post Divorce

What Types of Custody Are There?

Physical custody and legal custody are the only child custody...

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Fundamentals in Divorce: Grounds for Separation, Absolute vs limited Divorce

What Are The Current Kinds of Divorce in Maryland?

There are two primary types of divorce that can...

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Prenuptial Agreements in Maryland - Protect What’s Yours When It's Over.

Maryland Prenuptial Agreements

It is rather rare nowadays for married couples to not have a...

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Divorce and Debt: Understand How They Collide and Affect Each Other

Divorce is never an easy decision. Dissolving a marriage can be a very emotional process. It...

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