JC Law Monthly Matters for January 2021: Firm News & Updates

Happy New Year! May 2021 have 100% fewer new pandemics than 2020 did.

Meanwhile, here's the latest edition of JC Law's Monthly Matters.

To keep you in the loop, we've rounded up a few exceptional wins JC Law attorneys are especially proud of from last month.

Welcome to JC Law, Katelynn Watkins

Please say hello to JC Law's newest attorney, Katelynn Watkins, Esq.!JC Law's Newest Attorney: Katelynn Watkins, Esq.

Previously, Katelynn worked as a Law Clerk for Stoner, Preston, & Boswell, Chartered. During her time with them, she conducted legal research and drafted memorandums on behalf of clients for cases spanning all types of legal proceedings, including:

Katelynn graduated from Michigan State University College of Law with her Juris Doctor, Cum Laude. During that time, she served as a Legal Intern with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. While there, she assisted a small team of attorneys with the Division of Enforcement with investigations into potential violations of federal securities law.

Here at JC Law, Katelynn will be working on a wide variety of Maryland cases under the supervision of Senior Litigator Tim Sutton.

JC Law Domestic Department Matters

Timothy Sutton 2020-Family-Senior LitigatorCongratulations to Tim Sutton, Senior Litigator, who helped his client win full custody of his son. The opposing party had prevented him from seeing the child for more than two years. Now, this dedicated dad can finally make up for lost time.


Florian Tabaku 2020-Family-Managing AttorneyCongratulations to Florian Tabaku, Supervising Attorney, who successfully defended his client against a protective order request filed in response to the contents of a single three-month-old text message.


Abigail Beichler-2020-Family-Associate AttorneyCongratulations to Abigail Beichler, Associate Attorney, who won yet another Pendente Lite judgement in favor of her client. This time, the judge awarded our client full custody for the duration of the divorce litigation. The opposing party only has visitation rights by phone.


Zack Groves, Partner and Senior Litigator at JC LawCongratulations to Zack Groves, Partner and Senior Litigator! He and his custody client received the results from a three-day trial held in October 2020. The judge awarded our client tie-breaking authority in the custody arrangements, which means this parent can finally get their child the mental health treatments they need.

JC Law Criminal Department Matters

Mark Sobel 2020-Criminal-Criminal Department Manager and Senior LitigatorCongratulations to Mark Sobel, Criminal Department Manager & Senior Litigator, for successfully defending his client against domestic violence charges. The case came down to a he-said, she-said situation. However -- as Mark pointed out to the judge -- the prosecution bears the burden of proof. The judge agreed they had not sufficiently proved their case to sustain the charges.


Congratulations to Angel Campbell, Associate Attorney, for getting her criminal defendant regular pretrial supervision instead of the originally mandated house arrest.

That's what happens when you fight to appeal a possibly unfair ruling, instead of just shrugging your shoulders and calling it a day!

Public Reviews of JC Law

Here are some of the reviews JC Law is especially proud of that were submitted last month.


I've had the pleasure of working with Mr. Aaron Goodwin as my attorney. He's been extremely professional, responsive and has provided exceptional advice for my divorce. I feel like I've been heard and not once rushed during the times I've met with him. I appreciate everything he's done and continues to do for my case.

And, while this happy client simply left a five-star review without further comment, we are still proud of having assisted royalty -- even fictional royalty.


To Lord Arago[r]n,

We are honored that the High King of the Dunedain [from Lord of the Rings trilogy] has used and approved of our services. Please let us know if we can be of assistance once more.

Review James Crawford Law



(Please note: Not all client "wins" will be shared out of privacy concerns, and details may be modified or obscured. We complete dozens of cases every month in a variety of matters from family and criminal to civil and beyond; this is just a sample of our accomplishments. Also remember that these results may not be possible in your own case, but the only way to know for sure is to ask us about it!)