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Maryland Peace Order FAQs

  1. What is a peace order?

A peace order is a court order that prohibits one person from contacting...

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Maryland Protective Orders: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a protective order?

A protective order is a court order that bars a person from...

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Child Visitation FAQs

  1. What is child visitation?

Child visitation is a process that allows separated or divorced couples...

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A Guide to Receiving Child Support in Maryland

What is Child Support?

Child support consists of regular payments made by one former partner to the...

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Real Estate Law FAQs in Maryland

  1. Who retains equity on a home after it has been sold?

The property deed should include the...

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How to Handle False Allegations in Domestic Cases

What are False Allegations?

Untrue claims that are made by one person against another individual or...

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Requesting Alimony in Maryland: Everything You Need to Know

What is Alimony?

Alimony is a certain amount of money paid from one former spouse to another. The...

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You've Been Served Divorce Papers: What's Next?

What To Do When Served with Divorce Papers in Maryland

There are many reasons why couples decide to...

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Assisted Reproductive Technology Defined and the Potential Legal Issues

What is Assisted Reproductive Technology?

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) are fertility...

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Child Custody and Relocation Laws in Maryland Explained

Relocation Laws and Child Custody in Maryland

When a couple decides to separate, one partner...

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Divorce Rights for Men in Maryland

Men and Divorce in Maryland

Divorce is never easy. It’s something that no one really wants to go...

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Uncontested Divorce In Maryland: Everything You Need to Know

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a marriage dissolution where both parties...

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Post Judgment Modifications: What are They? and How Can They Be Modified

What is a Post-Judgment Modification?

A post-judgment modification refers to a change that occurs...

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Adoptive Parents' Rights in Maryland

What is Adoption?

Adoption is a process that creates a parental relationship with a child who is...

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Grandparents' Rights in Maryland Explained

Grandparents often play a vital role in their grandchildren’s lives. They may be important role...

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Unmarried Couples Rights in Maryland Explained

People in a relationship who live together but are not legally married to one another are known as...

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A Guide to Stepparent Adoption

Parenting is never easy. Both parents need to ensure that their children are healthy, educated and...

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How To Establish Paternity in Maryland From the Experts at JC Law

Paternity is important, and there are many factors to take into account when establishing...

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Parenting Plans in Maryland: Everything You Need to Know

When parents decide to separate or divorce, there are many things that need to be decided. First...

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