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Zachery Groves 2020-Domestic Partner and Senior LitigatorZachery Groves is the Partner and Senior Litigator at The Law Offices of James E. Crawford Law & Associates. Zachery has been with the firm for well over a decade, focusing on domestic cases and family law. He has managed the navigate the legal system at all levels in the state of Maryland, helping his clients through a variety of circumstances. Whether it be through mediation, custody negotiations, or contested divorces, Zachery remains knowledgeable and ready to find the right solution for every one of his clients.

Zachery is a graduate of  Widener University, where he received his B.A. He has also received his J.D. from St. Mary's college. But more importantly, Zachery also brings with him over thirteen years of experience to the table. With said experience, he has the legal know-how in terms of what he can do for his clients, the obstacles that may face, and the focus to take on and take down those very obstacles. Even when entering into a new era of family law, Zachery was able to adapt and find a way to help his client achieve their goal in terms of custody. That is because Zachery is a fighter and will not rest until he gets the job done.


  • St. Mary's college, J.D.
  • Widener University,  B.A.




Maryland Bar Association


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Bachelor’s degree from Widener University; Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s College. Over ten years’ experience fighting for family law clients in every aspect, from mediation and custody arrangements to contested divorces with narcissistic partners.

Favorite Win

I won a de facto parenting case, winning my client full custody of three young children, despite not being biologically related to them as their mother’s boyfriend. The case has now established precedent, making it easier for other guardians to gain custody in this relatively new area of law.
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Best Known For

Clearly explaining his clients’ options and how to best proceed to win the case – and then absolutely obliterating any legal obstacle that stands between his clients and the life they want for their families.


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Dawn Kus

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"If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one." – Dolly Parton

Client Reviews

"We’ve been waiting 14 years to win this battle. With the help of Zack Groves, we fought the state of MD and won! The Bureau of Support Enforcement was prorating my alimony and child support payments. This meant that every dollar I paid towards child support, the state was giving 80% of it to spousal support. Since I wasn’t able to pay the enormous alimony, this meant that my child support arrears was becoming astronomical. However, thanks to my wonderful wife, and Zack Groves, we fought the system and won. The judge agreed that Child Support and Child Support Arrears should take precedence over spousal support. With just one more hurdle to clear, the Bureau of Support Enforcement will audit my entire account, my child support arrears will finally be where it is supposed to be, and we will have a Wonderful Christmas. Mr. Groves was personable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. What I liked most about Mr. Groves is that he was open to ideas. Thank you Zack for a job well done Sir!"


"I have been involved in an extremely complex and lengthy, high conflict divorce with Zack by my side the entire time. We have endured six attorneys on the other side and a plethora of misrepresentations and motions. I had no idea what I was up against or how difficult and expensive the divorce process could be when I first filed. The level of trust and comfort I feel with Zack is more than I expected. He truly cares about me and my case and has gone above and beyond what any attorney would do. I feel I have made a lifelong friend in addition to hiring an "A" game attorney. Divorce is a life changing event and you need an attorney who is sharp, experienced, ethical and involved. With Zack you will not just be "one of his cases", you will feel like you are his "only case"."


"Zachary is awesome and a shark. Whenever, l need him. He is always there. ❤️"


"The attorney I hired Mr. Groves was such an excellent attorney for my case his work was remarkable, he was professional, polite, very straight to the point and made me feel very comfortable walking through the processes of the long haul of my case. Working with Mr groves I did not trust anyone other than Mr. Groves working with him was a real pleasure him and the James E Crawford office in General was and is still a wonderful experience"


"Zack Groves was our attorney for a complicated custody case where we as grandparents were seeking custody of our granddaughter. Zack did an excellent job of handling our case and was highly professional (and a pleasure to work with). Although it is difficult for grandparents to win custody if even one of the biological parents puts up a challenge, we ultimately won full legal and physical custody thanks to Zack's help. We highly recommend Zack as an attorney for any family law case."


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